09/27/2014, 00.00
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Renewed airstrikes in Syria in battle to defeat the IS

The city of Kobane, on the border with Turkey, is the main target. US Armed Forces Chief: "Air strikes are not enough to defeat the jihadist group."

Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A new wave of bombings has targeted Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, along the border with Turkey. For the fifth consecutive day, the coalition air raids led by the United States have struck the country, after it was initially thought that the jihadist group would only be targeted in Iraq.

The principal target is the city of Kobane. The news comes after the United Kingdom, Belgium and Denmark pledged to join the anti-IS coalition, with at least 19 fighter jets.

The head of the United States armed forces said the raids have damaged the jihadist group, but that the air war alone is not enough to defeat the militants. Instead a ground force of 12 -15 thousand troops will be needed to "reconquer the lost territory in eastern Syria." Meanwhile, the United States is preparing to train and arm 5 thousand Syrian rebels.


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