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For Buddhist scholar, Christianity has brightened his life

by Melani Manel Perera
For university professor Praneeth Abeysundara, young people can find support and protection in the Church and the Christian community, especially in today's world, where "modern media can destroy the lives of young people." The latter must learn to evaluate what they have in front of them.

Colombo (AsiaNews) - "Although I am a Buddhist, my meeting with Catholic priests has made ​​my life more beautiful because they helped me, and supported me with their spiritual teachings. From them, I learnt courage and determination," said Praneeth Abeysundara, a university professor, who spoke to children from a primary school at a meeting held at the Centre for Society and Religion in Colombo.

The occasion was the presentation of a book on adolescence, published in Sinhalese, Sondru Nawa Yauwwanaya, written by a Christian group, Kithu Sara. The event was held on 4 September, as part of the Month of the Sinhalese literature.

"I have read 'The Sermon on the Mount' and the Book of Proverbs many times," the professor told his young audience. "Both have brightened my life. Christians have a great opportunity to learn many things from the Church, many more than Buddhists can from their culture. Many teachings especially help teenagers, who can learn to improve their lives from Christianity. "

"The world today is full of dangerous and evil things," Prof Abeysundara noted. "Modern media often seek to exploit and destroy the lives of young people and adolescents. Internet, Facebook, text messages, e-mails . . . have positive and negative aspects. They can improve communications, but they can also give easy access to dangerous pictures, words and videos. This is why our children must learn to evaluate what they have in front of them," and "some Christian texts can illuminate your life."

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