09/23/2019, 09.17
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Anti-Putin shaman, Aleksandr Gabyshev, interned in a psychiatric hospital

by Vladimir Rozanskij

He had traveled over 3,000 km to expel Putin, considered a demon, through exorcisms. On his journey he met with people listening to their fears and dissatisfaction. He is a "self-proclaimed" (samozvanets), "shaman by nature", who reconciles his vocation with Christianity, also reciting the Orthodox litanies in the street.

Moscow (AsiaNews) - The shaman-warrior of Jacuzia, Aleksandr Gabyshev, who has undertaken a "march on Moscow" to expel dictator Vladimir Putin, has gone missing since last September 19, when he was passing the internal border between the Buryatia in the Irkutsk region.

Some strangers abducted him early in the morning, and only a couple of days later the Russian interior ministry received a notification that Gabyshev was detained for suspected criminal activities in Jacuzia, where he has been sent back for judgment. On September 21, the Jacuzia Ministry of Health reported that he was imprisoned in a republican psychiatric hospital to be "subject to diagnosis".

The shaman had covered more than 3 thousand km on foot, with the intention of going to the Russian capital to drive away Putin, whom he considers a demon, with special exorcisms. After nearly six months of traveling, his mission had changed: in place of the ritual "final struggle", Gabyshev intended to gather in Moscow a large crowd of his supporters, who would peacefully ask the president to step aside. On the road he was trying to gather more and more people, as reported by a BBC correspondent who spent a few days with him.

"In Ulan-Ude they expected me to do some miracle, as if I were a healer or a fortune-teller" - said Gabyshev around the evening bonfire - "but I have only one purpose, to banish Putin, as I kept repeating. People came to me with their inner problems, doubts and fears, asked questions and gave answers: they needed to let off steam with someone. " Buryat supporters gave the shaman food and comfort, and expected a big meeting like the one that was organized in Chita last June 12, when the name of Gabyshev had spread throughout the country, and his last words have become viral: "Remember that Putin is not required by law!"

Gabyshev did not want to launch other proclamations and gather crowds, because "now the stones have been launched, now it is time to collect them". The last few days he spoke softly and almost unwillingly, unlike the initial announcements, when he promised "It will be a great fight, a glorious struggle! I was born to fight, I know all the forms of struggle and all the weapons ... and after a whole day of struggle, all of Russia will rise again, millions of people will follow me ".

Beyond the Far Eastern folklore, the shaman's revolt refers to the classics of the Russian popular uprising, from the Cossacks of Emeljan Pugachev against Catherine II to the crowds led by the Pope Gapon in St. Petersburg in 1905. Not much is known about Gabyshev: 51 years old, he graduated in history, but he never taught. He is said to have worked as an electrician or smelter. On the road he spoke of his wife's death in his early years, after which he fell into a sense of emptiness, living alone in the woods and feeding on berries and roots for three years, until he understood that "the superior spirits" they called him to the great mission of shaman-warrior, with a single purpose.

The official Buryatia shamans have declared him mad and an imposter; only the vice-president of the Council of the Supreme Shaman of Russia, Buda Shiral-Batuev, said more diplomatically that the warrior of Jacuzia is a "self-proclaimed" (samozvanets), a Russian term for "independent" prophets. Moreover, Batuev adds to the shamanic rank the office of member of parliament, the Kural of Buryatia, and the card of the Russian communist party; in his opinion, if Gabyshev had put out some fire or stopped some floods, he could even believe him, but he just went around on the streets. Gabyshev himself simply replied that he was "shaman by nature" and reconciled his vocation with Christianity, preforming the Orthodox litanies on the street as well.

In photo 3, a flag with the slogan: "For the return of freedom in Russia! The path of the shaman ".

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