08/01/2017, 12.39
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Bali, young people of Asian Youth Day welcomed by local families

by Emiliana Saptanigsih

The "Days in the Diocese" initiative is the first stage of the event. Over 2000 participants from 21 countries spend a few days in families in the diocese of Indonesia. The central core of the event will be held from 2 to 6 August in Yogyakarta, in the diocese of Semarang.

Denpasar (AsiaNews) - The Denpasar diocese (in Bali Island) is hosting more than 150 delegates of the 7th edition of the Asian Youth Day (Ayd) from Cambodia, Malaysia and five other Indonesian dioceses. The meeting is a very gratifying moment for both local families and young people who describe their joy about the gathering to AsiaNews.

As the first stage of the event for young Asian Catholics, over 2000 participants from 21 countries are spending a few days in contact with Catholic families of 11 of the 37 dioceses of Indonesia, in a sharing experience of faith and life. This initiative is defined as "days in the diocese" and lasts from the day of arrival (July 29) until August 2. The central nucleus of AYD will be held from 2 to 6 August in Yogyakarta, in the diocese of Semarang, and will develop the theme set for this year's event: "Joyful Asian Youth! Living the Gospel in Multicultural Asia".

Rufinus Priatno Sulistianto, who welcomed some delegates from Cambodia and the Diocese of Weessabula (East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia) to his family, states: "This is just our small contribution to Ayd. The presence of children in our family is a special experience. As parents of teenage children, we also listen to delegates. We are aware that young people need the support of their parents, neighbors, and the community. Young people are the future of the Church. "

Silvanus Suparman, who hosts four Ayd delegates from Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia, declares to AsiaNews: "The Ayd is a great event for young Catholics. They have the opportunity to meet kids coming from different places in Indonesia and other countries. By meeting with people sharing the same faith, participants can help grow in the Catholic faith in a meaningful and profound way. "

The young people from the Denpasar community have been happy to help their peers. Theresia Dewi, 22, of the parish of the Holy Spirit, says, "Sharing our faith experience with guests is wonderful and, as it is a 'meeting with the Lord,' it helps us all grow."

The visit to the Denpasar diocese and the time spent in host families will leave a profound and lasting impression on the hearts of delegates, who are looking forward to sharing with their friends the precious stories of their journey of faith in Indonesia. From tomorrow, the young people will head to Yogyakarta, where the important event organized by the Federation of Episcopal Conferences of Asian Countries will end. The next few days will be marked by Mass, by sharing on faith, Bible readings, performances and dances.

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