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Bangladesh: the family is "the most beautiful place in the world"

by Sumon Corraya
Bablu Gomes, a married Catholic and father of two children, addresses a conference on family sponsored by the Archdiocese of Dhaka. At the rally the laity have shared personal experiences and problems. "Love, patience and respect" the secret to a long and happy married life.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - "The family is the most beautiful place that exists on Earth. I believe that a husband and wife need to rely on each other with love, patience and respect, and that the only way to be able to have a long and happy married life",  Bablu Gomes tells AsiaNews

The man along with his wife and two children, participated in the Dhaka Metropolitan Family Congress 2015. Held at the Church of the Holy Rosary of the capital on April 17, the event was attended by almost 1,700 Catholics, for most lay people, but also some nuns and priests.
During the day, participants shared personal experiences and discussed married life and prayed together. The event was organized in view of the General Synod on the Family (October 2015).

Msgr. Patrick D'Rozario, Archbishop of Dhaka, opened the conference: "I thank all of you for coming together with your loved ones. To address and overcome all obstacles that life puts in front of you, you have to follow the message of God. Love, forgiveness and respect for each other bring joy and happiness to the family. "

Albert T. P. Rozario, one of the organizers, told AsiaNews: "In Bangladesh Christian families encounter many problems. The rate of separations, conflicts and dishonesty is increasing between husband and wife. Every day the parishioners come to us to talk about their difficulties in the family. So we try to help them to find peaceful solutions”.

The priest then states that "in marriage there can be quarrels between husband and wife, but the couple should eliminate anger from their hearts and practice forgiveness. This is the only way to overcome the problems".

According to Fr. Rozario, other "threats" to marriage are unemployment, violence against women, betrayal, infertility, licentiousness and selfishness.

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