20 January 2018
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  • » 08/02/2008, 00.00


    Beijing, police blocking protests even in designated parks

    Groups that want to demonstrate or present petitions are not being listened to, and are being kicked out of the city. And yet the government, during the period of the Olympics, had guaranteed freedom to demonstrate in three parks in Beijing.

    Beijing (AsiaNews) - Representatives of groups that were asking for permission to demonstrate and present petitions in Beijing have been rudely ejected by the police. Just a few days ago, Liu Shaowu, head of security for the Olympic organizing committee, had announced that during the Olympics public protests will be permitted, although they will be limited to three parks in the city, which are not near the Olympic sites. They are: Ritan park in the neighborhood of Chaoyang, Purple Bamboo in Haidian, and Beijing World in Fengtai.

    And instead the police continue to deny permission, and even refuse to hear the requests.

    The representative of a property group in Suzhou (Jiangsu), who came to Beijing yesterday, immediately went to the public security office to ask for permission to launch a petition against the illegal expropriation of property in the area. The police stopped her, and first told her that she would have to make her request in the area she had come from (Suzhuo); they then told her that this would be useless, because she would never receive permission; finally, they forced her to get on a train and return home.

    Other groups have also been rejected by the police, who will not even hear their request. These include a group of property owners from Taiwan, and an anti-Japanese association fighting for Chinese sovereignty over the Diaoyu islands.

    According to observers, the Beijing government is divided: on the one hand, it is seeking to present a modern and open face, guaranteeing the freedom to demonstrate in theory (at least in the designated areas); on the other, it is afraid that the Games could become an opportunity for thousands of people to bring to light all of the injustices they have suffered. So in the capital, a crackdown is underway against protesters, and since July 14, more than 1,500 presenters of petitions have been imprisoned, while many others have been immediately sent back to their city of origin.

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    08/08/2008 NEPAL - TIBET - CHINA
    8-8-2008: A "normal" day of arrests in Nepal and China
    Thousands of Tibetans protest in Kathmandu: the police load them onto wagons "like cattle" and arrest hundreds of them. In Beijing, a human rights activist is in jail after asking for permission to conduct a public demonstration today.

    21/11/2008 CHINA
    Beijing wants to implement more social justice, to prevent protests
    A member of the Politburo says that social problems and injustices must be resolved, to prevent protests. But police presence will be increased in rural areas. Meanwhile, in Gansu, the governor reassures demonstrators that he will hear their requests, but the police are arresting them.

    29/07/2008 CHINA
    Olympics minus ten: violent protests intensify
    At the airport of Kunming, exasperated passengers left on the ground ransack the offices of the airline. Meanwhile, the police arrest and accuse of "terrorism" even those who only speak of attacks, possibly joking. According to many, it is the result of the greater repression imposed for the Games.

    08/04/2008 CHINA
    Olympics: following protests, China "locks down" the borders
    Entry visas are harder to obtain, and short-term visas from Hong Kong have been suspended, out of fear of protesters. Experts: this is evidence of weakness. Meanwhile, the Olympic committee will discuss whether to halt the torch's journey, after protests in Paris and London. Demonstrations in San Francisco already underway.

    06/05/2008 VATICAN - CHINA
    The concert of the Chinese orchestra at the Vatican
    The China Philharmonic Orchestra of Beijing and the chorus of the Shanghai Opera will perform Mozart's Requiem and Chinese folk songs for Benedict XVI. Interpretations of the event abound: preparation for diplomatic relations; publicity by Beijing to improve its image, after the violence in Tibet and international criticism. It is clear that there is division within the Beijing leadership on questions of religious freedom.

    Editor's choices

    Muslims and Christians meet in Cairo for Jerusalem, 'the cause of causes'

    Fady Noun

    A conference was held on 16-17 January at al-Azhar. Many prominent figures from Lebanon took part, including the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi. The Arab world is divided between "complicit passivity" and "noisy but ineffective speeches". For a former Lebanese premier, coordinated actions are needed to ensure greater efficacy on behalf of Jerusalem’s "pluralistic identity " and "religious freedom". Card Al-Rahi called for joint prayers, Islamic-Christian interfaith solidarity in the Arab world, and support for the Palestinians.

    Yunnan: Christians accused of membership in an apocalyptic sect get up to 13 years in prison

    The Three Grades of Servants cult, an underground pseudo-Protestant sect founded in Henan, is especially strong in the countryside. Those convicted claim they are just ordinary Christians and know nothing about the sect. Defense lawyers have been threatened with loss of their license to practice.


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