03/03/2006, 00.00
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Campaign focused on human dignity to fight AIDS, says Thai Church

by Weena Kowitwanij

Cardinal Kitbunchu rejects condom machines in schools as proposed by the Health Ministry. The solution lies in proper sex education.

Bangkok (AsiaNews) – The solution to the AIDS crisis in Thailand "does not lie in putting condom machines in schools but in implementing educational programmes that deal with it," this according to Fr Peter Prasert Takawej, a member of the Catholic Commission for Education.

Father Takawej explained that Card Michai Kitbunchu, archbishop of Bangkok, disapproved of the "Health Ministry's proposal to install condom machines in schools run by the Church". Instead, "the authorities should launch a campaign promoting the dignity of men and women, and based on religious teachings, encourage self-discipline and self-control of human instincts," he said.

"Throwing condoms around is not a solution to the problem," said Thong-Jing Yimyuen, who coordinates the Catholic Commission for Women. "I think that explaining to young people what AIDS is and how to handle it is more important that push them to use condoms."
The Catholic Church funds 138 schools in Bangkok: 38 are run by the diocese, 32 by religious congregations and 68 by Catholic lay groups.

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