04/18/2016, 13.25
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Chinese man to transcribe the Bible to fight Internet addiction

Li Yinming posted his idea on social media, then left them. He plans to use the time he saves to transcribe the sacred text in three years and give it to his daughter for her 18th birthday. His campaign has attracted more than 60 people.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews/SE) – There was a time in China when Christians used to transcribe long tracts of the Bible by hand because of the difficulty in getting their hands on a printed copy.

In recent years, large-scale big projects have been undertaken in some countries to have the Bible completely transcribed by hand as an exercise in drumming up interest for the Gospel message. This was done in the Philippines recently to celebrate the National Biblical Week.

China Church Voices reports that some people in China have done the same. Li Yinming said that he would transcribe the complete Bible, one chapter a day, as a way to break his addiction to the Internet and playing video games.

As a final "virtual" gesture, he advertised his project on WeChat, a popular microblogging site, and then ended the connection. So far, his idea has attracted more than 60 people from Hong Kong and Hebei.

He explained that his is not only a Christian action but also a way to reflect on his life habits and the organisation of his time.

He figures that at his current rate of progress, it will take him some three years to get to the end of the complete New and Old Testaments.

He plans to present the final copy to his daughter for her 18th birthday.

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