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Colombo Theologian: Benedict XVI, spiritual humility, theological depth and supernatural wisdom

by Melani Manel Perera
Anton Meemana, Catholic Professor describes Benedict XVI’s pontificate "a stupendous work of God." The Pope emeritus has promoted and expanded the scope of the evangelizing mission because of his historical decision which makes history. The ability to resign is a sign of true faith in God

Colombo (AsiaNews) - Benedict XVI "is a person of great spiritual humility, theological depth and supernatural wisdom", a pope who "did not have his own agenda, but served God and his Church without any personal ambition." In these terms, Catholic Professor, Anton Meemana, describes the pontificate in the just concluded an interview with AsiaNews.

How did you react to the Pope's sudden decision to step down from his ministry?

Decisions we make reveal who we are. Deciding is self-making and self - revealing, that is, decisions are a reflection of one's true character.  God works in and through our authentic decisions. God does not bypass or short-circuit human decisions. In this sense, Pope Benedict XVI has glorified God by trusting and letting go.  Every human decision has a theological dimension. Every decision offers an evangelical opportunity. He has furthered and broadened the scope of evangelization mission as a result of his historical and history-making decision.  He has also shown his spiritual humility, theological depth and supernatural wisdom. The capacity to let go is a sign of true faith in God.

How would you judge Benedict XVI's service as Pope and spiritual leader of Catholics worldwide?

As the saying GKChesterton, Catholicism is a carefully balanced. It 's the most sophisticated and As G.K.Chesterton would say Catholicism is a carefully- balanced system. It is the most sophisticated and complex religious tradition in the world and therefore the secularized world cannot really fathom its depth. Secularization is an either-or mentality. The contemporary world is spiritually malnourished. Pope Benedict XVI was not a pleaser or a charmer. He was a man of substance, depth and interior focus. He was a man with a very rich interiority which is a cosmos unto itself.

Humility is a very rare quality amongst leaders today. Ours is a very proud world today. People are proud of their looks, diplomas, cars, houses, connections, positions and so on. Humility has become the most - ridiculed virtue. He has been witnessing to it through and through. In today's world, humility is the counter-cultural value par excellence.

And what have the Catholics of Sri Lanka learned from the Pope?

Fidelity to tradition and to draw spiritual sustenance from it is a contemporary catholic challenge. Not only here in Sri Lanka, but also in the whole Asia, there is a need to reintroduce Catholicism again. This can be done without missionary triumphalism or ecclesiastical superiority.

The best in Catholicism is best for all peoples. To be human is to be Catholic. Not to draw sustenance from Catholicism is an injustice to oneself.

On numerous occasions, then, Pope Benedict has shown solidarity and concern for the situation in Sri Lanka, especially for reconstruction after the war. Has shown that nothing is foreign to the papacy. He was also the Pope of the Sri Lankans.

He seems to have lived a faithful life. His character is the ultimate credibility of his entire mission.
His nature was greater than his office, which is why even if he is no longer pope, he continues to inspire and enlighten.

His life and his mission are a wonderful work of God


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