02/25/2010, 00.00
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Dialogue between Islamabad and New Delhi resumes

Broken off after the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008. Clashes in Kashmir yesterday.

New Delhi (AsiaNews / Agencies) – High-level talks resumed today between India and Pakistan, suspended after the violent terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008. India claims that these attacks were organised and carried out by Pakistani militants. Some suspect the influence of the secret services of Islamabad. The latter has also recognized that at least part of the plan terrorist occurred in its territory.  

The resumption of negotiations between the two nuclear powers is due to pressure from the United States but has been shaken by some exchanges in fire that took place yesterday in Kashmir, claimed by both states as its own. Because of this region, India and Pakistan have fought two wars and tension is always high along the border.  

Kashmir and the resumption of peace talks on the region may also be on the agenda in today's talks between the two foreign ministers, for Pakistan Salman Bashir and India Nirupam Rao.  But given the past friction between the two states no one is hoping for a final solution.  According to analysts, the very resumption of dialogue is already to be considered a success.  

Fringes of their respective armies and the Hindu nationalist party Barathiya Janata Party are also staunchly opposed to dialogue.

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