09/30/2010, 00.00
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Earthquake in West Papua. tsunami warning recalled

The epicentre 90 km from Kaimana, a remote area in eastern Indonesia. Initial quake followed by less severe aftershocks. No communication lines impede knowledge of victims or extent of damage.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Today, in Kaimana, West Papua,  just before dawn an 7.4 magnitude earthquake created panic among the people, awakened by the tremor.

According to authorities, the epicentre of the quake is about 90 km south-east of Kaimana, a coastal town in the province of West Papua. Soon after there were other minor shocks. The Indonesian meteorology agency issued a tsunami warning, recalling it after 90 minutes.

So far there are no reports of victims or damage. This is due in part to the low population in the area, and to the lack of communications in the region.

The weather bureau chief of Jayapura, the capital of Papua province, said that they are closely following developments.

A huge tsunami December 26, 2004 has created a tidal wave (tsunami) that killed over 240,000 people, half of them in Aceh. (MH)

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