04/23/2020, 09.56
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European Union presses US to ease sanctions on Tehran

Brussels in favor of approving an economic aid package. Among these, a sum in money paid by the IMF. For the United States, the "maximum pressure" policy against Tehran remains in place. In the Islamic Republic 86 thousand infections and 5400 victims, the first restrictions are skipped.

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The European Union has launched an appeal to the United States, calling for a relaxation of sanctions against Iran and the approval of an economic aid package, to help the Islamic Republic to combat the epidemic of new coronavirus. But Washington has rejected Brussels' request.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell this week reported that the White House prevented the International Monetary Fund from helping Tehran, the nation most affected by Covid in the Middle East -19. He spared no criticism of the American position, adding that "an easing of sanctions" and the sending of "financial aid" by the IMF is necessary for Brussels.

"From a humanitarian point of view, this request should have been accepted” - the EU foreign policy manager concluded. However, the US leadership has once again confirmed its policy of  "maximum pressure" against Iran, regardless of the ongoing pandemic.

There have been repeated appeals to the US government to ease its policy of all out confrontation with heavy sanctions against Iran which have caused blockages and restrictions in sending medicines and basic necessities.

To stem sanctions, three European nations have used the Instex system for the first time in sending aid. And news of the sending of medical supplies to the United States, also overwhelmed by the pandemic, by groups of Iranian students, was reported in recent days.

On 15 April the United States rejected a massive injection of liquidity by the IMF through the release of special drawing rights, which would also have benefited the Tehran coffers. The program aimed to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign currency for all 189 member countries. There has been no official comment on the story by the US Treasury.

Latest reports reveal that there are 86 thousand confirmed cases of new coronavirus in Iran and just under 5400 victims. In recent days, the authorities have announced they will be gradually loosening the restrictions put in place to counter the spread of the pandemic.

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