19 August 2017
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  • » 06/02/2016, 11.57


    First Mongolian priest "to help believers strengthen their faith"

    Mbumba Prosper-B., Cicm

    This August 28 Joseph Enkh-Baatar will be ordained a priest in the Cathedral of Ulaanbaatar. The small local church pray for him, "so he will be a pastor according to the will of the Lord Jesus, and can live his faith in full". Francesca, 36 : "I hope he will live his vocation fully, and never look back. He will be a great help for all of us".

    Ulaanbaatar (AsiaNews) - Deacon Enkh Joseph is set to become the everfirst Mongolian priest. He will be ordained priest in Ulaanbaatar on August 28, 2016, by His Excellency Bishop Wenceslao S. Padilla, CICM, Prefect of the Prefecture Apostolic of Ulaanbaatar.

    This event is of utmost significance to the young church of Mongolia. Established in 1992, it has barely more than a thousand baptized members, some of whom are no longer practicing. Having a native Mongolian priest will certainly stir up enthusiasm and a sense of “ownership” in our believers, for a church that has long been branded as “foreign”.

    Enkh Joseph was ordained deacon on December 11, 2014, in Daejeon (South Korea), where he had his seminary formation. He came back to his homeland last January. Since then he has been visiting all the parishes – spending at least a month in each – as part of his exposure and pastoral experience.

    Preparatory activities are underway for this awaited event. Praying for Enkh Joseph’s future ministry has become customary for church goers, in all parishes. On Trinity Sunday the small catholic community of Erdenet (a quasi-parish, 370kms from the capital Ulaanbaatar) prayed that the priest to be “may be a priest according the Lord Jesus’ will, and that he may live out his faith”. A novena prayer will be observed nine (9) days before the ordination day.

    A catechesis about the priesthood is being taught, and expectations are being collected from believers, for Reverend Enkh Joseph to get an idea of what people are expecting of him. When asked what would be the contribution of Enkh Joseph as a first native priest, Francesca, 36, says “he will help his fellow Mongolians strengthen their faith, and will be a great asset in spreading the Catholic faith in the country (Mongolia)”. She also wishes that he (Rd. Enkh Joseph) “may be true to his calling, and may never turn back”.

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    22/12/2014 MONGOLIA - KOREA
    "We are few Christians, but God's love makes everything possible," says Mongolia's first deacon
    Joseph Enkh-Baatar was ordained deacon in Daejeon, South Korea, on 10 December. In an interview with AsiaNews, he talked about the challenges of his future priestly life in the country with the world's youngest Church, looked at the difficulties of proclaiming the Gospel in a society where unfettered capitalism coexists with animist traditions, and described the many problems that await him. Yet, he is full of hope. "I want to become a priest who never loses sight of his centre, which is Jesus Christ, so that I can carry out my mission."

    25/08/2016 11:54:00 MONGOLIA
    Enkh-Baatar "will be a bridge between the Church and the Mongolian people"

    This August 28 the first priest native to Mongolia will be ordained. The Apostolic Prefect, the Nuncio and the Bishop of Daejeon where the young man attended the seminary will preside. Missionary to Arvaikheer: "His testimony will help young Mongolians who are experiencing a process of vocational discernment." Joy and satisfaction of the local community: "If he has done it, we can do it too." 

    29/08/2016 11:35:00 MONGOLIA
    Fr. Joseph Enkh-Baatar's first Mass: A gift from God (PHOTOS)

    Ordained yesterday, the first Mongolian priest celebrated his first Mass today. His mother;s joy and the pride of his faithful. Buddhist leader: "We have excellent relations with Catholics, we learn from them as they learn from us." Over 1,500 faithful and guests celebrate the event.

    11/12/2014 KOREA - MONGOLIA
    Mongolia has its first ordained deacon, Joseph Enkh-Baatar
    The young man studied at the seminary of Daejeon, South Korea. The local bishop, Mgr Lazzaro You Heung-sik, and Ulaan Baatar's prefect apostolic celebrated the ceremony. In the homily, Saint Andrew Kim was mentioned as "the first of many" who "was also ordained in a foreign land."

    25/01/2016 22:25:00 MONGOLIA
    For Mongolian Catholics, a first native priest is a source of joy and pride

    The country’s Catholic community is the world's youngest. On 28 August, it will celebrate the ordination of Deacon Joseph Enkhee-Baatar. “One of us has it made! And if he did it, others will follow his example. We are sure that there will be many after him." An indigenous Catholic minister will be able to “connect our faith with what our” traditions.

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    For Eastern Catholic patriarchs, the genocide of Christians is an affront to all humanity

    Fady Noun

    Afflicted by wars, emigration and insecurity, Christian communities have now become "a small flock" amid the indifference of the international community. Patriarchs appeal to Pope Francis and the international community. Catholics and Orthodox share the same problems. The end of Christians in the East would be "a shameful stigma for the whole 21st century".

    Korean Bishops say no to “unreasonable provocations', call for a stop to the nuclear escalation by working for the “coexistence of humanity”

    Korean bishops issued an Exhortation today on the rising tensions around the Korean peninsula. North Korea but also "neighbouring countries" are at risk of "hasty unrestrained action" that could lead to the "death of innumerable people" and "deep wounds for the whole of humanity." They call for reduced military budgets and more spending on human and cultural development. They urge using "conscience, intelligence, solidarity, piety and mutual respect". A prayer is set for the feast day of the Assumption, which is also Korean Independence Day.


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