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Hong Kong Christians seek overseas care for Liu Xiaobo

According to Shenyang Hospital's medical report, the dissident's conditions are critical: the liver cancer is in terminal, requiring  dialysis, and resuscitation. But foreign doctors allowed to visit him on July 9 said he could still travel. Christians in Hong Kong cite  to art. 33 of the Chinese Constitution: "The country respects and protects the human rights of citizens," they demand respect for Liu Xiaobo's right to life and for his choice to seek treatment abroad.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - Political Dissentor and Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo, who was hospitalized for a liver cancer while serving a sentence of 11 years in prison, is in critical condition according to Chinese authorities: His liver cancer is in terminal phase, requiring dialysis and resuscitation.

But the Hong Kong-based Human Rights and Democracy Information Center says one of Liu's relatives reported improvement in his condition after dialysis. So much so that the family refused the use of machines to support vital organ functions. However, it was not possible to confirm the information because of increased surveillance of the authorities. Both in the hospital and around Liu family members. This is to prevent them from speaking with international media.

Foreign doctors who were able to visit the Nobel Prize on July 9 said that the Chinese dissident could still be safely moved for overseas care. Just two weeks ago, Liu was transferred to Shenyang University Hospital, Liaoning Province.

Liu, a writer and activist, is the co-author of "Charta 08", a document signed in 2008 by 300 intellectuals demanding a free, democratic and constitutional state, and for which he was found guilty of incitement to subversion of power in 2009. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

Meanwhile, appeals have multiplied to allow Liu seek treatment abroad. "Since Liu Xiaobo's health condition has reached the most critical moment, we urge the central government to act with humanity," says the recent petition signed by 24 parliamentarians in Hong Kong. An initiative that has also involved the Christian community.

Below is the full text of the appeal of Christians in Hong Kong:

Christians’ Statement to allow Mr Liu Xiaobo to go for Overseas Medical Treatment

We are Christians from Hong Kong. We believe all life is from God and every person has inherent dignity. No one can deprive humans of these rights. Every nation should protect the life of her people and safeguard their well-being.

According to Clause 33 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the country respects and protects citizens' human rights. We therefore call for the Chinese Government to realize their constitutional responsibility:

1 To respect human right, to respect Mr Liu Xiaobo’s rights to life and his choice to receive medical treatment overseas

2 To allow and arrange Mr Liu Xiaobo and his wife to go overseas for treatment as soon as possible.


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