01/04/2016, 00.00
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India: 6.7 magnitutide quake on border with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Eight victims

by Sumon Corraya
The quake registered 29 kilometers from the Indian city of Imphal, in the state of Manipur, at a depth of 17 kilometers and also felt by the Burmese. The initial toll is five victims in India and three in Bangladesh; over 30 injured. The people took to the streets in Bangladesh for fear of collapsing buildings.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - A strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake was registered in the early hours of this morning in the Indian state of Manipur, bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh. The initial toll is of five people dead in India and three in Bangladesh. However no casualties have so far been reported in Myanmar, where the quake hit an area of ​​low population density.

According to the USGS (US seismological institute), the epicenter is located about 29 km from the city of Imphal, the capital of the Indian state, and originated at a depth of 17 kilometers. The quake was felt up to Dhaka (over 350 kilometers), where people took to the streets for fear of collapsing buildings, and Calcutta (about 600 kilometers).

The earthquake occurred at 4:35 (local time). The greatest damage was caused by the collapse of buildings. In addition to the eight confirmed dead, thirty people were reported wounded in the collapse of houses and shops. Among the buildings destroyed, a newly constructed building in Imphal.

Eyewitnesses reported panic in the city, where people took to the streets and gathered in open places. In addition, the electrical system is undergoing interruptions and delays, and the authorities are evacuating e buildings at risk.

Caritas Bangladesh and other Catholic associations are starting to organize forms of support to people affected by earthquake.

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