10/01/2018, 09.34
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Iranian missiles hit extremist groups in Syria, in response to the parade attack

The Pasdaran have launched ballistic missile over an area "east of the Euphrates River". The attack would have caused several "dead and wounded" among the militia. For the third time in a year Tehran has launched ballistic missiles outside its borders. No comment from the Syrian government.

Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Guardians of the revolution in Iran launched missiles against extremist groups in the eastern sector of Syria this morning, in response to the bloody attack in late September at the military parade in Ahvaz, in the southwest of the country, where 29 people died.

Referring to the attack, Iranian state television and the official Iran agency underline that the Pasdaran "killed and wounded" militia in Syria "east of the Euphrates River", without providing further details on the operation.

At the moment there are no comments from the Syrian front. Together with Moscow, Iran is President Bashar al-Assad's main ally in the context of the conflict. In recent years it has sent hundreds of soldiers and means to support the government army.

The military operation carried out today by the Pasdaran throws further confusion and uncertainty on the perpetrators of the attack on the military parade on 22 September, which caused dozens of dead and wounded.

At first Tehran had pointed the finger at the Arab separatists, who a few hours later claimed responsibility for the gesture by providing details on the identity of one of the assailants.

Soon after, the announcement of the Islamic State militias (IS, ex Isis) also arrived, and through one of the official communication channels (the Amaq website) they claimed responsibility for the operation. In reality, the details provided by the Caliphate jihadists regarding the operation proved to be false.

In recent days, Tehran reported the arrest of at least 22 people in response to the attack.

In a statement released on its Sepah News website, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards refer to the launch of "numerous ballistic missiles" in an area east of the Euphrates in Syria. The Pasdaran also released a series of images to confirm the attack.

For the third time in the last period Iran has carried out a military operation, which involves the launch of ballistic missiles, outside its borders: last year Tehran had attacked extremist groups in Syria, after the attack in the capital on Parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. In September the launch of missiles in Iraq, against the base of an Iranian Kurdish separatist group; the toll from that attack was 11 dead and 50 wounded.

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