10/10/2018, 10.01
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Israel sorry for the resignation of Haley, (un-diplomatic) US ambassador to the UN

Surprise in the diplomatic establishment for the sudden resignation of the head of US diplomacy to the United Nations. Netanyahu praises her "energy" to "clear the air" at the UN. For many she represented the war-mongering and one-sided spirit of the Trump administration. Goal of the presidential elections behind resignation. And, perhaps, an investigation for wrongdoing.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The resignation of Nikky Haley, 46, of Indian origin and former governor of South Carolina, as United States ambassador to the United Nations took the diplomatic establishment and the public opinion in the USA by surprise. Generating opposite sentiments that go from the deep displeasure of Israel, which saw in her one of her most strenuous defenders of the cause at the UN New York, to the harsh criticism of those who emphasized her "lack of diplomacy" and little "international experience".

Israel's consideration of Haley emerges from the words pronounced at the end of September by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during the last UN General Assembly. He praised her "energy, motivation, spirit" her ability "make the air breathable" inside the United Nations. The diplomat also received a real star reception at the last conference of the Israeli-American public affairs committee (AIPAC), the main pro-Israel lobby in the US. A greeting second only to that reserved for President Donald Trump.

Analysts and experts say that Haley exemplifies the "indignation" of the Trump administration for the traditional multilateral frameworks and the passionate commitment to the defense of Israel, against the "harassment" and "persecution" it has long received at the UN.

According to the supporters, the outgoing US ambassador to the UN is "skilled, charismatic and able to capture the attention of her audience" in the context of an "extremely ideological" vision of the world. A feature that has certainly not favored the use of diplomacy at the UN in important issues, from Syria to Iran, to Russia not to mention Palestine and the direct attack on institutions that work for the Palestinian population .

Already from the first months at the UN, some highlighted her "pragmatism" in the face of "little or no" international experience. Others instead described her as "disconnected" from reality, with conservative and pro-Israeli sentiments functional only to American domestic politics. So much so that, for many, the UN position has served as a springboard to compete for the presidential elections (even if she denies any participation in the 2020 campaign) and to become the first woman tenant in the White House. .

The malicious men described her as a sycophant of President Trump and a horrible war merchant who used her position to nurture a neoconservative and anti-globalization foreign policy. So much so as to consider her the "most warlike and imperialist" among the senior officials of the US administration and, at least for some time, "the most loved" by the tycoon.

Faced with these positions, the attempt by a part of the government leadership to paint her as a moderate figure is ridiculous. The commentator and political analyst Amir Amini recalls that Haley "spent every minute of her time at the UN threatening innocent nations with the weapon of war, terror, bullying and blackmailing miserably (while failing) the whole world to get support to an agenda dictated by the military industrial complex".

Finally, behind the resignation there is a shadow of an investigation that could overwhelm her. The repeated use of flights (together with her husband) on board private and luxury aircraft is at the heart of the Washington Ethics Committee (Crew) investigation.

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