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Jakarta, first collection of Catholic religious songs launched

Mathias Hariyadi

Thousands of Catholics at Unlimited Worship Conference and Charity Concert 2017. Participants were able to attend various musical performances and moments of prayer. The testimony of Fr. Rob Galea. At the end of the event a charity concert.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Catholics in the Indonesian capital celebrated their faith with prayers and songs at the Unlimited Worship Conference and Charity Concert 2017. During the event, musician Paschalis Gandhi Suryanata informed My Savior, the first collection of Catholic religious songs on the Indonesian market.

The event, organized by the Archdiocese of Jakarta, saw the participation of over 1,800 people gathered on October 7 at Kasablanka Hall. The event began in the morning and lasted until at midnight, justifying its being "unlimited". Participants were able to attend various musical performances and moments of prayer, as well as stories about how faith can change the lives of people who make themselves "God's instrument."

One of the most striking testimonies was that of Fr. Rob Galea (photo 2), from Melbourne (Australia). The young priest, originally from Malta, told the present how the Lord radically changed his life, eliminating his "disorder" and making him "a good messenger of His works for humanity."

As a teenager, Fr. Rob led a dissolute life marked by drugs, juvenile violence and lies. One day, he also became the protagonist of the beating of a local gangster, for "just to get his hat." Remorse and guilt dragged the boy into a deep depressive state, which also caused suicidal ideation. After spending more than six weeks in the house for fear of being seen in public, an unexpected event started a new chapter in the life of Fr. Rob: Participating with his brother at a religious event in Malta.

"This methane [radical change of thought and judgment] was possible thanks to my mother's unstinting prayer and the feeling of love that all my family surrounded me with," said the priest. Together with the deceased, Msgr. Joe Grech, in 2008 he founded the Stronger Youth Program and since 2004 has put into service the faith his musical and singing skills, releasing eight musical projects.

The culminating event was the charity concert (photo 3) during which many local artists preformed dozens of religious songs. Among the musicians whose song were performed and awarded (photo 4) there was Paschalis Gandhi Suryanata, author of Forever You're Loved (Slamanya Kau Kucinta in Indonesian), the first single of his album.

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