06/19/2013, 00.00
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Kim Jong-un gives his staff a winning recipe: Mein Kampf

According to the young North Korean dictator, the Third Reich's "holy" book shows "how Hitler reconstructed Germany after its defeat in World War I". Both regimes share the same reliance on propaganda and delusional theories about the "chosen race."

Seoul (AsiaNews) - North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un handed out copies of Adolf Hitler's memoir Mein Kampf (My Battle) to department chiefs of the ruling Workers Party's Central Committee on his birthday on 8 January. According to a source close to the regime, cited by New Focus, the opus written by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is part of the great classics the Kim family has highly regarded.

Mein Kampf was the cornerstone of Nazi philosophy for decades. In its pages, one can find political propaganda, delusional racist theories and the seeds of the anti-Semitism that would lead to the Holocaust.

Kim gave it to his officials, the source said, because he wants to draw inspiration from post-WWI Germany, and "find ways to apply it to the North" to become a world power.

Despite the fact that Pyongyang still sees itself in a Stalinist mode, the gap between North Korea and Nazi Germany is not as wide as one might think.

Both Hitler and Kim Il-sung stressed their respective nations' chosen status, and both have made ruthless and relentless use propaganda at all levels.

In addition, the anti-Semitism of the Fuhrer is not very far from the "genetic" hatred North Korea's leaders have towards the Americans.


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