02/26/2018, 13.32
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Mumbai has highest executive salaries

The data revealed in a survey by HSBC Bank International. Asian cities financially attractive. European and US destinations offer the best career opportunities.

Mumbai (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Mumbai boasts the highest executive salary scale according to a survey conducted by HSBC Bank International, one of the largest banking groups in the world. The London-based credit institution reports high-level employees who move to the Indian megalopolis receive higher salaries than those who choose to work in other Asian or European cities. But European capitals continue to be the preferred destinations for those looking for better career opportunities.

In addition to Mumbai, other Asian cities appear in the top 10 places in the ranking: Shanghai, Jakarta and Hong Kong. The HSBC Expat Survey report  states that Mumbai, the most populous city of the Indian subcontinent with about 18 million inhabitants, foreign managers earn an average of 217 thousand dollars a year (176 thousand euro). This figure is more than twice the overall average wages reported in general, which is around 99 thousand dollars (80 thousand euros).

The study reports that foreign managers choose destinations in Asia for higher  pay. On the contrary, Mumbai holds the last places in the ranking that takes into consideration the best job opportunities. In this case, the first steps are US or British destinations such as London, San Francisco, New York and Birmingham. Dean Blackburn, head of the survey, explains that "financial and technological centers in the US and Great Britain attract more ambitious high-level employees who want to make a career".

Among the European destinations favored for employment opportunities, the credit institution mentions Dublin and two Swiss cities. The capital of Ireland is among the top five choices in the world for the possibility of finding a qualified job. Zurich and Geneva, home to numerous companies and international organizations, offer good employment opportunities. Despite the high cost of living and rents, 77% of managers have the lowest tax burden.

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