07/27/2017, 11.27
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Netanyahu promises to 'expel al-Jazeera from Israel'

According to Israeli Prime Minister, the broadcaster "incites violence" with tensions in Jerusalem. A reporter had filmed an Israeli soldier kicking a Palestinian.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - "I will work to implement the legislation necessary to expel al-Jazeera from Israel." These are the words uttered yesterday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announcing his intention to close the Jerusalem offices of the television channel. 

On his Facebook profile, Netanyahu accuses al-Jazeera of "inciting violence to the Mount of the Temple" (for the Palestinians "The al-Aqsa Mosque compound").

Al-Jazeera is one of the many international information services to cover the increasing tensions in the city, beginning on July 14, when three Israeli Arabs opened fire on Israeli police on the compound, killing two officers. Since then, Israel has imposed security measures that have sparked protests by Palestinians who,  refusing to enter the compound, chose to pray in the adjacent streets, and demand for the restoration of the situation before the attack.

The Doha-based network had published a video of clashes between police and Palestinian demonstrators after Friday's prayer on July 21: in it, an Israeli soldier kicks a palestinian kneeling on what appears to be an Islamic prayer mat. The video was also reposted by the Israeli daily Haaretz. According to al-Jazeera's reporter, Israeli officials had attacked Palestinians who were nonviolently protesting near the compound.

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