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Palestinians protest against seizure of homes in East Jerusalem. The Supreme Court rules against confiscation of land in Silwan

Israeli settlers, aided by the police, tried to expel Palestinian families. Expulsions, occupations of buildings, evictions stepped up to make Jerusalem the "eternal and undivided capital" of Israel. In Silwan, the Supreme Court condemns Jerusalem city council for attempting to confiscate the land of a Palestinian family.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Dozens of Palestinians and members of international NGOs protested yesterday in the old city of Jerusalem against threats to seize the house of a Palestinian family to make way for Israeli settlers.

The house, inhabited by eight members of the Sub Laban family, is just a few steps from the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Rafat Sub Laban who lives in that house with her parents, his sister, his brother and children said that he has rented the house since 1953, when the old town was ruled by Jordan.

The Israeli authorities ordered Rafat's eviction last September, but Rafat appealed the decision. However, last week, a group of police and Israeli settlers tried to take possession of the house.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967 and annexed it against the will of the international community. While the Palestinians dream of making east Jerusalem the capital of a future state of Palestine, several Israeli authorities, and the premier Benjamin Netanyahu, proclaim Jerusalem the "united, undivided eternal capital" of Israel.

In its effort to take possession of the territory, Israel is expanding settler activities, placing harsh conditions on Arab residents, buying land, or expropriating it. The international community has often condemned this policy, but seems helpless to stop it.

Some days ago the Israeli Supreme Court rejected Jerusalem city council's attempt to confiscate Palestinian property in Wadi Qaddum, in the area of ​​Silwan, south of the old city.

The area of ​​Silwan has often been targeted by Israeli settlers. In an effort to expel the Palestinians, they invade buildings or forcibly occupy them, driving out inhabitants. At present, there are at least 300 thousand Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem.


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