05/13/2006, 00.00
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Pauline Sisters make Bible available on mobile phone

The Sisters have made their internet site accessible for mobile phones.

Tokyo (AsiaNews/CWJ) – Modern men and women can now access their breviary on their mobile phones thanks to an initiative of the Pauline Sisters, who have made their internet website (www.pauline.or.jp) available for this use. Their idea aims to respond to new needs that have emerged, and more and more people are praying as they sit on the train or bus everyday, for work or pleasure. The sisters have also conceived the idea of an audio-version for deaf people.

When people connect, they can choose the option "Read" in the section "Prayers of the Church", and the first reading of the day will appear. Those using a PC, apart from readings available in the section "Reading the Bible" may also read a commentary called "A word for me".

The service was born to make people more familiar with the Bible. "It is being read a lot" said Sr Tomoko Ko, 47, years, in charge of the site set up 10 years ago, in 1996. "Over 1,000 people access the site each month.

Sr Ko said another project is in the pipeline: opening a blog to connect people through the website. By exchanging e-mail messages, some people have come into contact with the Church. "This contact is very important. I have received messages from people telling me 'I will receive baptism,' and 'I was baptized.' I was delighted with them" added Sr Ko.

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