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Pope: Church born of God’s desire to call men to him, to love in spite of man’s sins, even those of a pope

At today's general audience, Francis, wet from the rain, began a series of catechesis dedicated to the mystery of the Church. She "is not an organization founded by an agreement among some people, but - as we were reminded many times by Pope Benedict XVI – she is the work of God, she was born out of his loving plan which progressively evolves in history."

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Love for the Church, which "is not an organization founded by the agreement among some people, but is born from the desire of God to call all men to his friendship," love for her, in spite of the flaws, imperfections and sins of people, "even the Pope," that compose her. This was Pope Francis' call at the general audience today, during which he began a series of catechesis dedicated to the "mystery of the Church, which we all live and of which we are all part."

The start of the audience was marked by rain, which wet the Pope during his long tour  in his open topped jeep among the 60 thousand people present. "Thank you for braving the rain  -  he said greeting them.

The Church as God's family was the theme chosen by Francis to begin this series of reflections. The Church, he explained, "was born from the desire of God to call all people into fellowship with Him, to His friendship, and indeed to participate as His children in His own divine life." This is indicated in the Gospel parable of the prodigal son, who, in being welcomed back by the father " shows well the design of God for humanity".

"What is this God's plan? It is to make us all the one family of his children, in which each of you feels close to Him and feels loved by Him - feels, as in the Gospel parable, the warmth of being the family of God. In this great design, the Church finds its source. [The Church is] is not an organization founded by an agreement among [a group of] persons, but - as we were reminded many times by Pope Benedict XVI - is the work of God: it was born out of the plan of love, which realises itself progressively in history. The Church is born from the desire of God to call all people into communion with Him, to His friendship, and indeed, as His children, to partake of His own divine life. The very word "Church", from the Greek ekklesia, means "convocation". God calls us, urges us to escape from individualism, [from] the tendency to withdraw into ourselves, and calls us - convokes us - to be a part of His family. This convocation has its origin in creation itself. God created us in order that we might live in a relationship of deep friendship with Him, and even when sin had broken this relationship with God, with others and with creation, God did not abandon us".

" The whole history of salvation is the story of God seeking man, offer[ing] humanity His love, embracing mankind. He called Abraham to be the father of a multitude, chose the people of Israel to forge an alliance that embraces all nations, and sent, in the fullness of time, His Son, that His plan of love and salvation be realised in a new and everlasting covenant with humanity. When we read the Gospels, we see that Jesus gathers around him a small community that receives His word, follows Him, shares His journey, becomes His family - and with this community, He prepares and builds His Church. Whence, then, is the Church born? It is born from the supreme act of love on the Cross, from the pierced side of Jesus from which flow blood and water, a symbol of the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist. In the family of God, the Church, the lifeblood is the love of God that is realised in loving Him and others, loving all without distinction, without measure. The Church is a family that loves and is loved. When does the Church manifest itself? We celebrated [the Church's manifestation] two Sundays ago: the Church manifests itself when the gift of the Holy Spirit fills the hearts of the Apostles and pushes them to go out and start the journey to proclaim the Gospel, to spread the love of God".

 "Even today, some say, "Christ yes, the Church no," like those who say, "I believe in God, but in priests, no." They say, "Christ: yes. Church: no." Nevertheless, it is the Church that brings us Christ and that brings us to God. The Church is the great family of God's children. Of course it also has the human aspects: in those who compose it, pastors and faithful, there are flaws, imperfections, sins - the Pope has his, as well: he has lots of them; but the beautiful thing is that, when we become aware that we are sinners, we find the mercy of God. God always forgives: do not forget this. God always forgives, and He receives us in His love of forgiveness and mercy. Some people say - this is beautiful - that sin is an offence against God, but it is also an opportunity: the humiliation of realising [that one is a sinner] and that there is something [exceedingly] beautiful: the mercy of God. Let us think about this".

"Let us ask ourselves today - concluded Pope Francis - how much do I love the Church? Do I pray for her? Do I feel myself a part of the family of the Church? What do I do to make the Church a community in which everyone feels welcomed and understood, [in which] everyone feels the mercy and love of God who renews life? Faith is a gift and an act that affects us personally, but God calls us to live our faith together, as a family: as the Church. We ask the Lord, in a special way in this Year of the faith, that our communities, the whole Church be ever more true families that live and carry the warmth of God".



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