12/14/2018, 14.21
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Pope: Creating networks through education to enable child migrants to integrate

Receiving the artists who will perform at the Christmas concert at the Vatican, Francis said that "networking with education means allowing people to get up on their feet, to get back on their feet with full dignity" and it is also "a valid solution to open the gates of the refugee camps, allowing young migrants to enter new societies".

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Creating networks through education means allowing people to get up on their feet, to get back on their feet with full dignity" and it is also "a valid solution to open the gates of refugee camps, to allow young people migrants to enter new societies," said Pope Francis today receiving the artists of the Christmas concert at the Vatican (in the photo).  He thanked them for their "creativity" and "genius", able to "reach the most intimate aspects of the conscience of men and women of every time"

The 2018 edition of the Vatican Christmas concert supports two projects: the first, invests in the vocational training of young people and is carried out by Missioni Don Bosco Valdocco Onlus in Uganda; while the second sees the Pontifical Foundation Scholas Occurrentes charity work in Erbil, Iraq, where the war has placed a heavy burden on the future of an entire generation.

"Creating networks with education", in the words of the Pope, "first of all, means to educate the little ones among migrants, that is, those who instead of sitting at school desks, like many peers, spend their days on long marches on foot, or on makeshift and dangerous means. They too need education to be able to work tomorrow and participate as citizens aware of the common good. And at the same time it is a question of educating ourselves to welcome and solidarity, to prevent migrants and refugees from encountering indifference or, worse, impatience ".

Thanking the artists and those involved in the projects of Missioni Don Bosco in Uganda and Scholas Occurrentes in Iraq, Francis encouraged them to continue their work "to light the warmth and tenderness of Christmas in every heart". "Christmas is always new, because it invites us to be reborn in faith, to open ourselves to hope, to rekindle charity. This year, in particular, calls us to reflect on the situation of many men, women and children of our time - migrants and refugees - marching to escape wars, miseries caused by social injustice and climate change ".

Jesus also came "from another place": "he dwelt in God the Father" and "came to dwell among us, in the midst of our limits and our sins, to give us the love of the Most Holy Trinity". "The violent anger of Herod" then forced the "little Jesus" to live the condition of "half of today's refugees": "children, innocent victims of human injustice". "The Church responds to these dramas with many initiatives of solidarity and assistance, of hospitality and welcome. There is always much to do, there are so many suffering to soothe and problems to be solved. We need greater coordination, more organized actions, able to embrace every person, group and community, according to the design of fraternity that unites us all. This is why it is necessary to make a network".

The concert will take place on Saturday 15 December, in the Paul VI Hall, to be broadcast in Italy on Channel 5 on Christmas Eve at 9.30 pm. It is possible to support the initiatives by sending an text message to the number 45530, valid until January 15, 2019.

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