02/15/2017, 09.39

Seoul confirms murder of Kim Jong-nam

It is not yet clear whether the half-brother of the North Korean leader was killed with an injection or with poison sprayed in his face or with a cleaning cloth. The assassination reason: Kim Jong-un’s "delusional disorder". Pyongyang celebrates the birthday of the late Kim Jong-il, Kim father of the two.


Seoul (AsiaNews) - Lee Byong-ho, head of South Korea’s secret services today confirmed before parliament that the brother of the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has been murdered and poisoned in Malaysia. Lee also said that over the past five years Pyongyang has tried several times to assassinate Kim Jong-nam, who was under the protection of the Chinese government.

The director of the National Intelligence Service explained that Kim was poisoned, although he still cannot confirm whether it was by injection or with a spray to the face.

Already in 2012 there was an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-nam. Since then his half-brother pleaded with Kim Jong-un to let him live with his family.

Kim Jong-nam has two wives, the present lives in Beijing with a son; the second lives in Macao with a son and a daughter. Both are under the protection of the Chinese government.

According to Lee, the murder did not appear due to possible threats to the regime by the brother, but at Kim Jong-un’s "delusional disorder". Also according to various political figures in the new Kim dynasty drama it is a new sign of the leader’s "instability".

The killing comes as North Korea celebrates the launch of a new surface-to-surface missile and the birthday of late leader Kim Jong-il, the father of both Kims. The culmination of the festival is tomorrow, called "The Day of the Shining star", with skating and synchronized swimming performances.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian police only speak about a 46 year-old North Korean man that was killed in the shopping area of ​​ Kuala Lumpur airport, before the immigration area, with a plane ticket to Macau. Airport videos show the man was grabbed from behind or his face covered from behind and then fainting and falling. He died while being taken to the hospital.

Since 2011, when he took power, KIm Jong-un has ordered the execution of many of his competitors for power, and many analysts say it’s a "reign of terror". The last dramatic execution was that of Jiang Song-Thaek his uncle, hit by an anti-aircraft missile. Jang was considered the second most powerful figure in North Korea and had been accused of treason.

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