10/11/2018, 13.37
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Singapore-New York 19-hour flight to be the world’s longest

Singapore Airlines will offer only business and premium classes. The flight will cover 16,700 km. Passengers will enjoy more room and a seven-week long selection of audio-visual material. The menu will include selected dishes to promote well-being.

Singapore (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Four pilots, 13 crew members and 161 passengers are ready to embark on a plane that this evening will relaunch the longest non-stop flight in the world: the 16,700 km, 19-hours route that separates Singapore from New York.

With only business and premium classes, the Singapore Airlines flight SQ22 is set to take off tonight from Singapore’s Changi Airport for Newark, five years after the national carrier cut the route for financial reasons.

Since then, technological progress and more fuel-efficient planes with greater seating capacity have made the route profitable again.

The challenge for passengers will be what to do with their time. They will have their disposal some 1,200 hours of audio-visual entertainment; which is the equivalent of seven weeks of movies and TV programmes.

According to the airline, the menu will include selected dishes to promote well-being in the sky.

The cabin has higher-than-normal ceilings, larger windows and LED lighting designed to reduce jet lag - all part of an effort to lessen the stresses that can accompany almost a day on a plane.

"Research has shown that hydration and food intake are important factors (to consider), such as avoiding foods that cause gas or bloating as well as excessive alcohol," said Rhenu Bhuller, a healthcare expert.

"The biggest concern is Deep Vein Thrombosis from a combination of sitting for too long and also from dehydration," said Gail Cross, an associate consultant at the National University Hospital in Singapore.

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