24 January 2018
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  • » 12/19/2017, 09.56


    The United States vetoes UN resolution against Jerusalem capital. Israel’s gratitude

    Arab world’s criticism of US ambassador’s use of veto. The motion approved with 14 votes out of 15, confirming US isolation. Satisfaction of Israeli premier Netanyahu. The PLO no longer recognizes the United States as an interlocutor in the peace process.

    New York (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Arab world strongly criticizes the United States use of its veto yesterday afternoon during a UN Security Council session, to block a resolution [approved with 14 votes out of 15] declaring any "decisions" on Jerusalem devoid of legal value. The reference, even if there was no direct mention, was related to the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize the holy city as capital of Israel and to arrange the transfer of the embassy.

    The vote confirms the international isolation of the United States: even many of its historical allies in Europe such as Britain and France approved the resolution promoted by Egypt. In recent weeks, the US administration's decision has raised protests and indignation - with dead and wounded - and concerned by Pope Francis and the Christian leaders of the region.

    Speaking at the end of the vote, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour called it "paradoxical that while we were waiting for a peace plan from the US, the administration instead decided to further obstruct peace and delay its realisation. The US decision encourages Israel to persist in its crimes against the Palestinian people and to continue its occupation of our territory. No rhetoric will hide this complacency in prolonging the occupation," he added.

    The Lebanese Foreign Minister also "deplored" the US veto in the Security Council. At the same time he "welcomes the favorable vote of 14 member states" and hopes for the presence of a new "impartial" mediator who can lead the region to peace, avoiding a progressive escalation of conflicts.

    Yesterday's vote once again strengthened the axis between the United States and Israel, with Prime Minister of the Jewish state Benjamin Netanyahu releasing tweets and a video message in thanking US ambassador Nikki Haley for the decision. The head of American diplomacy at the United Nations defended the "courage and honesty" of the US, the only ones to "recognize a substantial truth". "Jerusalem - added Haley - has been the cultural, political and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years and there is no other possible capital".

    In his message Israeli premier Netanyahu thanked the US ambassador for having "lit the candle of truth", "the only one who knew how to defeat the many", because "truth overcomes lies".

    Also yesterday, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) announced that it no longer recognizes the United States as an interlocutor of the peace process. "We will no longer allow the US to be a mediator or a partner," said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. He also confirmed his intention to obtain full recognition of Palestine - now a non-member observer country - at the United Nations, despite a failure in the previous attempt in 2011.

    Abu Mazen has signed 22 international agreements and treaties that strengthen the legal status of Palestine on a global scale. These are strategic agreements make it "a key partner" in the discussion of "essential" issues affecting the entire planet.

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