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09/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Never again war, the plea of minorities and persecuted Christians
On the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Francis asks that “the world today no longer experience the horrors and the appalling suffering of such tragedies. But she does!”. "The alliance between families and God, called today to combat the desertification of the modern city."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Never again war", persecutions, sufferings, arms trafficking.  This was the rallying call made by Pope Francis on the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, with Japan's surrender on Sept. 2, 1945. "In...

09/02/2015 VIETNAM
For Xuan Loc coadjutor, the future theological institute is a milestone in Vietnamese Church’s growth
For Mgr Joseph Dinh Duc Dao, president of the Episcopal Commission for Education, the establishment of a Catholic university confirms the vitality of Vietnam’s Church, providing a venue for theological research and dialogue with other religions and the government. For the bishop, it will also allow Vietnamese Catholics to follow Pope Francis and bring the “joy of faith” to the edges of society.
09/02/2015 CHINA – HONG KONG
China and the Cross, a history of miracles that conquer demolitions
The symbol of the Christian religion appeared in the sky over China many times in past centuries. Official documents held at the Roman College contain the stories of those who saw the bright cross. Given these facts, even if the government takes down the crosses, what prevents them from reappearing?
09/02/2015 CHINA
Xi Jinping’s military shows off muscles to hide economic troubles
The parade in central Beijing will include some 12,000 troops, 200 fighter jets and new weapons systems. Putin, Park Geun-hye and Ban Ki-moon will be present; Western leaders will not. President Xi is expected to make a major announcement concerning the military. Monkeys, falcons and dogs have been deployed to scare birds from the planes’ flight path.
09/02/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus and Christians pay homage to Catholic doctor Edric Baker
by Sumon Corraya
The New Zealand native died yesterday at the age of 74. In Bangladesh, he founded the Kaliakuri Health Care Project in Tangail District. During his 35 years of service, he took care of the country’s poor. For the bishop of Mymensingh, "he was an example of how we can sincerely take to heart caring for people.” A documentary by a producer working for state television raised his profile, and led the government to grant him Bangladeshi citizenship.

09/02/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore elections: Church tells Catholics to cast a moral and responsible ballot
The city-state is set to renew its parliament on 11 September. After 50 years in power, the ruling party remains the frontrunner, but the opposition has become competitive. Archbishop Goh reminds Catholics that they have a right and duty to vote. The Church’s task is to promote people and the common good. It does not endorse any candidate or party, but informs people’s conscience.
09/02/2015 THAILAND
Second Bangkok bombing suspect arrested, an ethnic Uyghur
The man, 25 and from Xinjiang, was stopped at a checkpoint on the eastern border. Three suspects are still on the loose. The Thai police punishes 22 officials for negligence.
09/02/2015 MYANMAR
Electoral Commission rejects candidacy of Muslim leaders
Rejected the request of 17 aspiring MPs (out of 18), for problems related to citizenship. Of these 11 are from Rakhine State, the scene of sectarian Islamic-Buddhist violence. The party, Muslim-based, now risks dissolution. Solidarity from NLD: "unconstitutional".
09/02/2015 CHINA
The US calls on Beijing to "immediately" release jailed Christian lawyer and pastors
Dave Saperstein, American envoy with responsibility on religious freedom, was to meet with religious leaders and activists committed to freedom of worship. The night before a raid was triggered by the authorities: "A particularly alarming development".
09/02/2015 LEBANON
Police clear "You stink" occupants from environment ministry
by Paul Dakiki
Minimum force used. Protesters call for solutions to not only waste crisis, but also to year-long political stalemate over president.
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation in St Peter's Basilica
Pope Francis leads the Liturgy of the Word on the day he instituted in unity with the Orthodox Church. Representatives of all Christian churches attend the service. Without the conversion of heart to God, “ecology has not chance of succeeding." Saint Francis of Assisi is the model of caring for creation.
09/01/2015 NEPAL
Activists slam government for ignoring 1,400 civil war victims still missing
by Christopher Sharma
Last Sunday was International Day of the Disappeared. During Nepal’s decade-long civil war, some 12,800 people were killed and almost 100,000 were displaced. At the end, both government and rebel forces had committed war crimes. As victims tell their stories, activists call on the government to sign and ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.
09/01/2015 HONG KONG – CHINA
Hong Kong Kuomintang exhibit reopens the debate on the war with Japan
Organised by a collector son of a KMT official, the event highlights the role of China’s Nationalists in the fight against Japan. For the former, the untold stories of the anti-colonial struggle “aren’t told now because the Communist Party claims that they won the war when in fact they were attacking Nationalist soldiers.” The venue is set to open in a few days to mark the end of the war in Asia.
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope stresses Jubilee, God’s tenderness for women who had an abortion, Lefebvrians, prisoners, the sick
In a letter to Mgr Rino Fisichella, Pope Francis adds new criteria to traditional ones to receive indulgence. All priests can forgive the sin of abortion by preparing themselves to welcome sincerely the sinners. The sick and the lonely can accept “suffering as an experience of closeness to the Lord”. The Jubilee year might bring amnesty, whilst a cell’s door might become a Holy Door. Through works of mercy, one can obtain plenary indulgence. The pontiff seeks reconciliation with the Society of St Pius X.
Dhaka: Urban and tribal cultures can meet the goals set by Laudato si’
by Sumon Corraya
Mgr Patrick D'Rozario, archbishop of Dhaka, organised a meeting with representatives of various groups to discuss Pope Francis’ encyclical. "We can heed the pope by teaching everyone to love the environment from the point of view of his or her religion,” a Catholic priest said.

Altri articoli
09/01/2015 INDIA
India feels China crisis, as growth halts at 7%
09/01/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok bomb: police pocket reward as investigations flounder
09/01/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar president signs (anti-Muslim) law that bans polygamy
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Our final embrace with Christ and the idleness "of chatter"
09/01/2015 KOREA
Seoul and Pyongyang meet to plan family reunifications
09/01/2015 CAMBODIA
Demonstrators call for release of three environmentalists
09/01/2015 CHINA
Chinese manufacturing down in August, fueling fresh fears for markets
08/31/2015 EGYPT
Egyptians will go to the poll starting on 17 October to elect a new parliament
08/31/2015 INDIA
Orissa: Ordeal of Pastor Sushil Lima, for years a victim of radical Hindus by Nirmala Carvalho
Bartholomew I and Catholics together on World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
08/31/2015 CHINA
As people continue to be treated as "cannon fodder," the Party tries to use the economy and nationalism to save itself
08/31/2015 INDIA
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals by Nirmala Carvalho
08/31/2015 CHINA
Zhang Kai, a courageous lawyer who defended Zhejiang crosses with law books
08/31/2015 LEBANON – VATICAN
Michael Malke’s beatification and the future of Iraqi and Syrian martyrs by Fady Noun
Editor's choices
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala CarvalhoThe Archbishop of Ranchi, speaks to AsiaNews ahead of the World Day of Prayer for the care of creation (1 September). The nation is home to "more than one million tribal Catholic, and in our culture we respect nature and will celebrate its gifts." Today "to be true witnesses of Christ, we must respond to the ecological crisis through a deep spiritual conversion."
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo CervelleraThe Chaldean priest met Pope Francis, asking him to keep the world’s focus on Christian refugees from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain. His diocese is home to 3500 Christian families and almost half a million Yazidis who fled Islamic State violence. ISIS is not all Islam and there are Muslims who want an Iraq of coexistence. Christians might not emigrate, but remain in their own land. Aid projects for refugees: school for children, work for adults, a home for every family. An appeal to AsiaNews.
Top 10
08/28/2015 VATICAN - IRAQ
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo Cervellera
08/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope on prayer: God is "the caress that keeps us alive"
Bartholomew I and Catholics together on World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
08/27/2015 JORDAN - ISLAM
Muslims are not doing "enough" to fight the Islamic State, says Queen Rania
08/26/2015 SYRIA
Islamic State using chemical weapons in Syria
08/26/2015 INDIA
India census: Muslims grew faster than Hindus but less than Christians
08/30/2015 VATICAN
For pope, the blessed martyr Flavianus Michael Malke can bring “consolation” to persecuted Mideast Christians
08/27/2015 CHINA
Zhejiang faithful re-erect cross government demolished: a "theft"
08/28/2015 CHINA
Christian lawyer arrested over his involvement against cross removals in Zhejiang
08/31/2015 INDIA
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala Carvalho


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