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09/02/2014 IRAQ
Christian man tortured and killed by Islamic State militants for refusing to convert to Islam
For more than three weeks, Salem Matti Kourk was holed up in his home to avoid capture by Islamists. Once he ran out of food, he went out to find some but was stopped and beaten to death, his body dumped on a street. For Chaldean Patriarchate, he is "another martyr, a victim of extremist folly." In the capital, a car bomb kills a young Syrian Catholic student.
Baghdad (AsiaNews) - Islamic State fighters spills more Christian blood in Iraq as they continue to persecute unarmed civilians, including children. Sources within the Chaldean Patriarchate told AsiaNews that yesterday Sunni fundamentalists...

Shanghai bishop prays for new Hong Kong prelates, as well as peace for them and China
by Victoria Ma
From the Marian shrine of Sheshan where he is confined, Mgr Thaddeus Ma Daqin sends a prayer for the three new episcopal brothers ordained by Card Tong in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. He asked "the almighty God to bless them, and under the leadership of Cardinal Tong the new bishops will serve in charity, help pastoral work and evangelization work to grow, and bring blessings to Hong Kong". Bishop Ma also "wished peace in Hong Kong and peace in their motherland China".
09/02/2014 SRI LANKA
Vavuniya: relatives of missing people want the government to stop atrocities
by Melani Manel Perera
Hundreds of people gather to honour those who went missing during and after the civil war. "We believe that our children are still alive," said a woman. "I call on President Mahinda Rjapakasa to find a solution to our tears, and stop once and for all these brutal kidnappings."
09/02/2014 INDIA
Agra: banning Hindu women from using mobile phones to counter the 'love jihad'
A committee of Vaishyas (mostly traders by caste) has made the proposal to counter alleged forced conversions by Muslims of women of other religions. For some analysts, this is the result of social polarisation in Uttar Pradesh, led by Hindu nationalists ahead of upcoming by-elections.
Vietnamese Catholics pray with Pope Francis for Christians in Iraq and peace in Ukraine
by Paul N. Hung

More than 4,000 people attend Mass for oppressed minorities and victims of violence perpetrated by the Islamic state. For priest in Thái Hà, "only the love of Jesus can overcome hatred." Prayers provide an opportunity to defend religious freedom in Vietnam and the country against Chinese imperialism.

09/02/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Christian identity is not "academic degrees", but being moved by the Holy Spirit
"If we Christians do not fully understand the things of the Spirit, if we do not give or offer witness then we no identity". "Often, so often, we find among our faithful, simple old women who perhaps didn’t even finish elementary school, but who can speak to us of things better than any theologian, because they have the Spirit of Christ".
09/02/2014 JAPAN - INDIA
Modi-Abe meeting "opens a new phase for Asia and the world"
The two leaders, both nationalist and hostile to China, sign strategic agreements in every sector, including defence and high-speed trains. Both praise the new, stronger bilateral relationship that could become the greatest ever.
09/02/2014 PHILIPPINES
Filipino bishops: Social media a tool to prepare for encounter with Pope Francis
A Catholic youth movement with the support of the Bishops' Conference, has organized a meeting to improve the use of new technologies ahead of the Pope’s visit to the country. The invitation to use social as "an instrument of mission and a means to encounter others”. The digital world is full of "wounded" people in search of "salvation and hope."
09/02/2014 PAKISTAN
Paul Bhatti: Without a political solution, army intervention is inevitable
The Catholic leader speaks of "real risk" of a military coup. Meeting between the prime minister and Army chief ends without agreement; the government and opposition exchange blame for recent violence. The Church of Pakistan asks for prayers for peace and the future of the country.
09/02/2014 NORTH KOREA - USA
Pyongyang puts three American prisoners on show to pressure US
The Kim regime allows CNN to interview and broadcast appeals from Kenneth Bae, Jeffrey Fowle and Matthew Miller: the first was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, the other two are awaiting trial. The North has always used foreign prisoners as a bargaining chip for material aid and cash.
09/02/2014 IRAQ - UN
Army, Peshmerga and Shias unite against Islamic Army, a "terrorist monster"
UN launches an investigation into the atrocities committed by Islamists. In August alone 1,420 people killed; 850 thousand displaced including Christians, Yazidis, Turkomans. European governments concerned about citizens who have joined terrorist militias.
09/01/2014 RUSSIA - UKRAINE
As the threat of a "Russian invasion" rises, the danger of war looms larger
NATO's "evidence" raises eyebrows, just days before its summit in Wales, which should decide troop and weapon systems deployment in eastern Europe. Mikhail Khodorkovsky wonders why Russia does not admit to having combat troops in Ukraine. The EU gives an ultimatum ahead of new economic sanctions. US senators urge the president to send weapons to Kyiv. The situation appears to be reaching a "point of no return".
09/01/2014 INDIA
Some 20,000 Indian Tribals celebrate Ranchi's new auxiliary bishop
by Nirmala Carvalho
The faithful participated in the ceremony of consecration of Mgr Theodore Mascarenhas following native practice. "Pope Francis would be touched by the love Tribals have for Jesus Christ, by their warmth and their openness."
09/01/2014 LEBANON - IRAQ - SYRIA
Islamic State threatens coexistence even among Muslims
Jihadist militias are increasingly sectarian in their actions. Attacking shared religious symbols, like the tomb of Jonah and the shrine of Saint George in Mosul, means destroying cultural, historical and social bridges. Conflict is not only inter-confessional but is also increasingly intra-confessional within Islam, between Sunnis and Shiites.
09/01/2014 NEPAL
Nepalese Premier: New Constitution will protect minority rights and state secularism
by Christopher Sharma
Sushil Koirala speaks at an event of the Nepal Trust Office, the government agency which lists and controls the assets belonging to the former royal family. The words of the premier weaken the Hindu pro-monarchist movements. Jesuit priest: "Democracy will be stronger when all religions are respected."

Altri articoli
09/01/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
For Occupy Central, a new era of civil disobedience begins in favour of democracy in Hong Kong
09/01/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Carry a "little Gospel" and when you can read a passage, to "find Jesus"
09/01/2014 MACAU - CHINA
Macau's Fernando Chui re-elected uncontested, without popular vote
09/01/2014 PAKISTAN
Islamabad: police clash with anti-government protesters, army ready to intervene
09/01/2014 INDONESIA
Medan: Catholic doctors and students on retreat, to strengthen cooperation and friendship by Mathias Hariyadi
09/01/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Hong Kong, Beijing excludes democracy: Senior Chinese official heckled
Israel confiscates 400 acres of West Bank land for settlements by Joshua Lapide
08/31/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Conform to Christ and not this world, and follow His path
Syria, Islamists attack Philippine contingent in Golan Heights: among them a priest
08/30/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Hong Kong, 7 thousand policemen deployed to counter 1000 Occupy Central protesters
Archbishop of Saigon: Pope Francis in Korea, a source of joy for mission
08/30/2014 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, no let up in floods: millions of people at risk by Sumon Corraya
08/29/2014 RUSSIA - UKRAINE
Military escalation in eastern Ukraine and the dollar-ruble oil war
08/29/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Hundreds of people on hunger strike in Seoul over Sewol disaster
Editor's choices
"Adopt a Christian from Mosul," the thanks of the Patriarch Louis Sako; the concerns of the Bishop of Kurdistan
by Bernardo CervelleraThe head of the Chaldean Church is grateful for the AsiaNews campaign and hopes that "this chain of solidarity will reach far and wide”. Helping refugees to remain in Iraq. But many want to flee abroad. The bishop of Amadiyah where thousands of displaced people have found haven in churches and homes: We also help the Arabs (Muslims), and Yazidis, for free and without looking at our confessional differences.
"Adopt a Christian from Mosul" to respond directly to Iraq's emergencyAsiaNews is launching a fundraiser to support Christians targeted by the Islamic State, thus responding to a request by the Patriarch of Baghdad and Pope Francis's urgent appeal "to guarantee all necessary assistance - especially the most urgently needed aid - to the great multitude of people who have been driven from their homes, whose fate depends entirely on the solidarity of others." More than 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes leaving everything behind and now have nothing to live on. To help them, five euros a day are enough. The funds raised will be sent to the Patriarchate of Baghdad, which will distribute them according to the needs of each family.
Top 10
08/31/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Conform to Christ and not this world, and follow His path
08/28/2014 IRAQ - ISLAM
The barbaric cruelty of the Caliphate puts Islam to the test
by Samir Khalil Samir
08/27/2014 ISLAM - THE WEST
The West should come back to Christ if it wants to defeat the terror of the Caliphate
by Piero Gheddo
08/29/2014 NEPAL
NGOs "force" Nepali Muslims to use contraceptives and abortion
by Christopher Sharma
08/28/2014 INDIA
Uttar Pradesh: Hindu radicals "reconvert" Christians, turn church into a temple dedicated to Shiva
by Nirmala Carvalho
08/27/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Division among Christians is not just schism, but result of idle gossip and the work of the devil
08/29/2014 PAKISTAN
Quetta, three journalists murdered as attacks on Pakistani press mount
by Jibran Khan
UN warns of 3 million Syrian refugees, "the world's largest humanitarian emergency"
Syria, Islamists attack Philippine contingent in Golan Heights: among them a priest
08/29/2014 IRAQ - SYRIA
From Syria to Iraq, new horrors (and beheadings) by Islamic State militias


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