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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
05/25/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "Attachment to riches is the beginning of all kinds of corruption"
"Riches are for the common good, for everyone. And if the Lord gives them to one person it is so that they are used for the good of all, not for oneself, not so they are closed in one’s heart, which then becomes corrupt and sad."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Attachment to riches is the beginning of all kinds of corruption" because it has "the ability to seduce", whereas if the Lord gifts us wealth it is "for the good of all",  said today Pope Francis during mass celebrated this morning in Casa...

05/25/2015 BANGLADESH
All religious groups condemn the rape of a Catholic tribal woman
by Sumon Corraya
The 21-year old ethnic Garo is currently recuperating at the Tejgaon's Victim Support Centre. Five rapists are still at large. The attack took place on minibus in the capital. The Bishop of Mymensingh, where the young woman hails from, calls for "exemplary punishment” for the attackers.
05/25/2015 VIETNAM
Beijing bans fishing in the South China Sea, a step Hanoi calls arrogant and illegitimate
by Nguyen Hung
The ban covers disputed maritime areas and most of Vietnam’s and Philippines’ coastal waters. Hundreds of thousands of people who depend on fishing could lose their jobs. For Vietnam, China “does not have the right to ban fishing in our waters.”
05/25/2015 INDIA
Odisha: Christian minister imprisoned on (false) accusations of forced conversions
by Nirmala Carvalho
Rev Timothy Chaitanya Murmu, from the Pentecostal community in the village of Manohar, has been in jail for four days. He is "guilty" of baptising 16 tribal people. For the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), he was arrested because of a “legal technicality”.
05/25/2015 CHINA
To please millionaires, Beijing to lower taxes on luxury goods
The government plans to lower import taxes by an average of 50 per cent in order to bolster domestic demand in high-end consumer goods like Nike sports shoes and L’Oreal cosmetics.

05/25/2015 YEMEN
UN talks over Yemen postponed
A UN official made the announcement. Getting the parties to meet for peace talks is the main reason. The conflict has has left some 2,000 people dead and displaced more than half a million people.
05/25/2015 MYANMAR - ASIA
Yangon Cardinal: Myanmar has a moral duty to resolve the Rohingya crisis
by Charles Maung Bo*
139 mass graves of migrants discovered in Malaysia, scattered in 28 fields near the border with Thailand. In a letter Card. Charles Bo recalls the obligation to assist these modern boat people to regain their dignity and rights. The cardinal speaks of "agony" of inhuman proportions and calls on all citizens to work together to resolve this emergency.
05/25/2015 RUSSIA
Russia faces debate on the legalization of polygamy
After the marriage between a Chechen police chief and a minor, who he took as his second wife, an official close to Kadyrov intends to "regularize" the practice, already widespread in the Muslim majority Russian Caucasus. The Kremlin keeps a low profile, while the Church defends Chechnya: "Media attack" launched by opponents of the traditional family.
05/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore, Muslims set Christian colony ablaze: new charges of blasphemy
by Jibran Khan
A young drug addict with mental health problems is accused of burning newspapers containing sacred verses. Islamic leaders called for his death; faced with the refusal of the police, hundreds attacked the Christian community. Unknown the fate of the accused.
05/25/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Seoul, government "is liable for lepers castrated by force"
From 1937 to the nineties, the South Korean executive imposed sterilizations and abortions on leprosy patients, locked up in prison-like camps. A group of 130 victims wins the case requiring an apology and compensation. The judge: "A case contrary to common sense of humanity."
05/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh: Catholic Church promotes interreligious dialogue against extremism
by Sumon Corraya
The Episcopal Commission for Christian Unity and Interreligious Dialogue promotes a week of meetings and discussions. The aim is to create an environment "conducive" to dialogue. The initiative was also attended by Muslim and Hindu leaders. Mons. Bejoy N. D'Cruz: diversity is a value.
05/24/2015 VATICAN
For pope, the missionary dimension is in the Church’s very nature and is "intrinsic to all forms of consecrated life"
"In Jesus’ command to ‘go forth’, we see the scenarios and ever-present new challenges of the Church’s evangelizing mission,” said Pope Francis in his message for World Mission Day. “All her members are called to proclaim the Gospel by their witness of life. In a particular way, consecrated men and women are asked to listen to the voice of the Spirit who calls them to go to the peripheries, to those to whom the Gospel has not yet been proclaimed.”
05/24/2015 VATICAN
For pope, Mgr Romero, “following the example of Jesus, chose to be among his people” even at the cost of his life
“Faith in Jesus Christ, when understood well and its final consequences assumed, generates communities of that are builders of peace and solidarity,” said the pontiff in his message for the beatification of the Salvadorian bishop. The Holy Father also expressed “great concern” and sorrow for the “many refugees in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea”. He also mentioned the “useless slaughter” of the First World War.
05/24/2015 VATICAN
For pope, “The world needs men and women who are not closed in on themselves, but filled with the Holy Spirit”
“Strengthened by the Spirit and his many gifts, may we be able uncompromisingly to battle against sin and corruption, devoting ourselves with patient perseverance to the works of justice and peace.” Likewise, “Respect for creation,” the pope said, “is a requirement of our faith”.
05/23/2015 VATICAN
For pope, labour must be "free, creative, participatory and mutually-supportive"
What “has changed in the global world are not so much the problems, as their size and urgency. Incomparable are the amplitude and the speed of reproduction of inequalities. This we cannot allow! We must propose fair alternatives which are truly practicable.”

Altri articoli
05/23/2015 SYRIA
Nuncio in Damascus: no news about Fr Mourad, not even about who abducted him
05/23/2015 NEPAL – VATICAN
Apostolic Nuncio says pope is praying for peace, security and prosperity in quake-hit Nepal by Christopher Sharma
05/23/2015 CHINA
Beijing plans the first landing on the "dark side" of the Moon
05/23/2015 INDONESIA – ASIA
Migrant crisis: Indonesian religious leaders call on government to sign the Geneva Convention
Dushanbe and Beijing sign extradition deal with Uighurs in mind
05/22/2015 THAILAND - ASIA
Beatings, rapes and abuse: the Rohingya in Thailand recount their journey of despair by Weena Kowitwanij
05/22/2015 NEPAL
Amid crumbled temples, Nepal’s Hindu holy men are out of a job by Christopher Sharma
05/22/2015 PHILIPPINES
For Filipino bishops, welcoming migrants is a moral obligation that will be good for the country
05/22/2015 INDIA
For Catholic Church, “mining threatens India’s tribal peoples” by Shafique Khokhar
05/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope: reflect on "Jesus' gaze upon us", "he chooses us, forgives us and he sends us on mission."
05/22/2015 CHINA – ASIA
Beijing and Delhi to lead Asian ‘super bank’
05/22/2015 CHINA
Beijing returns to Soviet planning to save the Party by Willy Lam
05/22/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesia to allow non-official religions on identity papers
05/22/2015 TAIWAN
Taipei, staging the Gospel "so as not to miss out on a single word" by Xin Yage
Editor's choices
Vigil for persecuted Christians, our teachers in the mission in the West
by Bernardo CervelleraThe "wall of indifference and cynicism" and the silence and apathy so often denounced by Pope Francis have become almost a fortress. Such persecution reflects confessional manipulation, which slams Islam as such, and ideological manipulation, which forgets what is happening in North Korea or China. An increasingly post-Christian Europe seems disinterested in Christians.
Moscow Patriarchate: China authorises the ordination of Chinese Orthodox priests on its territory
by Marta AllevatoMetropolitan Hilarion, the Moscow Patriarchate’s ‘foreign minister’, made the announcement after a visit to China where he met the leaders of the State Administration for Religious Affairs. The first priest should serve in Harbin. Two more ordinations are expected. With a new Cold War as the background, the Moscow-Beijing strategic alliance also has a Church connection with the People's Republic recognising the latter’s 'political' role in Russia.
Top 10
05/19/2015 RUSSIA – CHINA
Moscow Patriarchate: China authorises the ordination of Chinese Orthodox priests on its territory
by Marta Allevato
05/19/2015 ASIA
Vigil for persecuted Christians, our teachers in the mission in the West
by Bernardo Cervellera
05/21/2015 BANGLADESH
Islamic extremists claim the right to kill ten intellectuals and bloggers
by Sumon Corraya
05/18/2015 NEPAL
Quake survivors forced to drink contaminated water, “only the Christians help us”
by Christopher Sharma
05/23/2015 VATICAN
For pope, labour must be "free, creative, participatory and mutually-supportive"
05/22/2015 THAILAND - ASIA
Beatings, rapes and abuse: the Rohingya in Thailand recount their journey of despair
by Weena Kowitwanij
05/22/2015 SYRIA - IRAQ
Islamic State takes entire border between Syria and Iraq
05/22/2015 PAKISTAN
Pakistan: 106 people on trial for the lynching of a Christian couple, accused of blasphemy
05/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: an end to “this interminable” conflict in the Holy Land and the persecution of Christians
05/21/2015 CHINA – VATICAN
For Xi Jinping, religions must be "Chinese" and without "foreign influences"
by Wang Zhicheng


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