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09/30/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Prepare and pray: the "things" to do ahead of our "dark times”
"Our life is too easy, our complaints are overdramatized". Think of the great tragedies, of "these Christian brothers and sisters of ours who are driven from their home and left with nothing: 'But, Lord, I have believed in you. Why? Is believing in You a curse, Lord?'".
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Prepare and pray: they are the "things" to do ahead of those "dark times" that "we will all have". And even lament, in those moments, becomes prayer and not "overdramatized". The was the focus of Pope Francis' homily at Mass in Casa...

09/30/2014 PHILIPPINES
For Filipino Church, pope's visit to help Catholics "in name only"
Mgr Florentino Cinense, bishop of Tarlac, calls on the faithful who do not know their religion to study it and share it. The papal visit will provide the nation with "spiritual blessings".
09/30/2014 MYANMAR
Burmese Dissident: Little chance of Aung San Suu Kyi becoming President
by Francis Khoo Thwe
For Aye Chan Naing, director of the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), the Nobel Peace Laureate will “lead" the party in elections; however, the possibility of constitutional change to allow it to run for head of state are "very poor". For the presidential race he predicts the presence of personalities from the "Generation 88" student movement.
09/30/2014 CHINA
Need a driver's license, donate a pint of blood to the state
In the city of Baoji, new regulations impose a "voluntary donation" of blood for municipal services. Soldiers and university students are urged to donate at least once a year. People react online. For one netizen, "donations should be voluntary". Others tell the authorities to remember country's health scandals.
09/30/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Hong Kong Chief Executive calls for immediate end to protests. Occupy Central calls for his resignation
by Paul Wang
Day three of Occupy Central. Sit-ins extend to Yau Ma Tei and Des Voeux Road. Schools are still closed; 37 banks are closed. There is growing solidarity among population towards the demonstrators. Yesterday evening, tens of thousands of people were in the street. Last night in Mong Kok, a speeding car tried to crash into some of the demonstrators. Many commuters accept transport difficulties because they share the ideals of democracy. "Proud" to be Hong Kongers.

United States and India join forces in fight against terrorism and global security,
The Indian prime minister Modi and US President Obama signed a joint statement after a private dinner at the White House. The promise to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
09/30/2014 IRAQ
Patriarch of Baghdad to Muslims: Condemn extremism, rebuild Iraq with Christians
by Louis Raphael I Sako *

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival of sacrifice, Mar Sako renews his call for "reconciliation" and "brave dialogue" for true peace. Tolerance, respect and justice to maintain "national identity" and "co-existence". The memory of Muslims who sacrificed themselves to save the Christians. He adds: "We love because Christ teaches us to love everyone."
09/29/2014 JAPAN
Death toll rises to 36 following Mount Ontake's eruption
Saturday's event was the first fatal one in modern times. At least 63 people suffered injuries and more than 230 climbers had to seek overnight refuge in local lodges. It is still unclear how many may be missing.
09/29/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love"
The topic Pope Francis chose for the next World Day of Social Communications has been announced. The "Church must learn again how to show that the family is a great gift, something good and beautiful. The Church is called to show more vividly that the gift of love, which the bride and groom offer each other, draws all people to God. It is an exciting task".
South China Sea: Manila and Washington play war games against Beijing
Thousands of US and Filipino soldiers begin 12-day joint military exercises today near Palawan Island, where Manila is involved in a bitter territorial dispute with Beijing. Recently, the Philippines boosted its military presence in the area.
09/29/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Hong Kong protests: police violence "a boomerang against the government"
A Catholic source in the city tells AsiaNews that "police behaviour shocked people". Increasingly, Hongkongers want democracy. "Now the only way out is for Leung to resign" and open channels of communication." Protest turnout is increasing. Kowloon Peninsula is blocked.
09/29/2014 INDIA
Indian civil society groups call for "zero tolerance" towards radical Hindu groups
Since the ultra-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party came to power, violence against religious minorities has increased. Religious leaders of all faiths and human rights activists protest in Delhi.
09/29/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Satan is cunning, presenting things as if they were good, but they go against man, against humanity and against God
" So many projects, except for one's own sins, but many, many projects for mankind’s dehumanization are his work, simply because he hates mankind." He invents "humanistic explanations”. "This struggle is a daily reality in Christian life, in our hearts, in our lives, in our families, in our people, in our churches ... If we do not struggle, we will be defeated. But the Lord has given this task mainly to the angels: to do battle and win".
09/29/2014 SINGAPORE
For Singapore archbishop, Mary is the star that shows the way for the New Evangelisation
Mgr Goh consecrates the archdiocese to Our Lady and inaugurates a year dedicated to Her, starting on 7 October. Looking at the mother of the Church, it is necessary to begin "spiritual renewal", involving priests, religious and laity. "We, too, must imbibe her virtues of faith, hope, charity, poverty and obedience," he said.
09/29/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Card. Tong: Enough violence in Central, government must put the people first
An "Urgent Appeal" from the bishop of the Territory to the executive: "Exercise restraint in deployment of force with a view to listening to the voice of the younger generation and of citizens from all walks of life”. Card. Joseph Zen, is on the streets with Occupy Central.

Altri articoli
09/29/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Korea, the Catholic Church "is the most reliable religion" in the country
Sanaa: Shiite suicide bomb attack leaves 15 dead and over 50 injured
09/29/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Day two of Occupy Central. Police violence comes under fire by Paul Wang
09/28/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "There is no future for people" without inter-generational encounter, when elderly are “discarded”
09/28/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Occupy Central launches civil disobedience. Solidarity with arrested students by Paul Wang
09/27/2014 VATICAN
Pope says Jesuits must be expert rowers because today, even the boat of Peter can be tossed about
09/27/2014 SYRIA
Renewed airstrikes in Syria in battle to defeat the IS
09/27/2014 HONG KONG – CHINA
Hong Kong police arrest 50 students
09/27/2014 SAUDI ARABIA
Video of a female rider reignites debate on the status of Saudi women
09/27/2014 INDIA
India, Rourkela Catholics called to step up evangelization by Santosh Digal
09/27/2014 BANGLADESH
Bishop of Mymensingh: the family, the core foundation "of society and Church" by Sumon Corraya
09/26/2014 VATICAN - UN
Card. Parolin to UN: Faiths have a responsibility to condemn those who justify violence with religion
09/26/2014 SRI LANKA
'Alternative Nobel' goes to Sri Lankan Catholic Basil Fernando by Melani Manel Perera
09/26/2014 IRAQ
Baghdad patriarch calls on Iraqi Christians to remain faithful to the Gospel in their land
Editor's choices
"Adopt a Christian from Mosul": Archbishops’ thanks as first aid arrives
by Amel NonaMsgr. Amel Nona, the Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, who is also a refugee himself, thanks all the donors to the AsiaNews campaign. The situation is increasingly difficult given the huge number of refugees and the arrival of winter and snow, making outdoor shelters and tents impossible. The crisis, an occasion that activates the faith of Christians.
After raising € 350,000, 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' campaign continues
by Bernardo CervelleraDonations raised up to 31 August have been sent to the patriarch of Baghdad and the bishops of Kurdistan. The campaign helps to feed, house, clothe, and bring comfort to more than 150,000 Christian, Yazidi, Turkmen, Shia and Sunni refugees who fled the violence of the army of the Islamic Caliphate. People in Italy and around the world have been generous, including the poor and the unemployed, a sign of hope for the world as well as those who suffer and those who give.
Top 10
09/29/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Satan is cunning, presenting things as if they were good, but they go against man, against humanity and against God
09/23/2014 PAKISTAN

Faisalabad: If we want peace, let us follow the teachings of Christ, says Muslim leader
by Shafique Khokhar
09/26/2014 TIBET - CHINA
Dalai Lama: A Conclave to choose my successor
09/25/2014 PAKISTAN - ISLAM
Rawalpindi, Christian leader accused of blasphemy murdered in prison
by Jibran Khan
09/24/2014 KOREA
North Korea, people forced to live with 250 grams of food per day
09/23/2014 MYANMAR
Myanmar grants citizenship to 209 Muslim refugees, even Rohingya
09/27/2014 VATICAN
Pope says Jesuits must be expert rowers because today, even the boat of Peter can be tossed about
09/25/2014 ISLAM
Relying on the Koran, 120 Muslim scholars refute Islamic State ideology
Occupy Central issues 'manual of disobedience" to avoid provoking authorities in Hong Kong
09/24/2014 INDONESIA - ISLAM
Aceh: Sharia to be applied to non-Muslims
by Mathias Hariyadi


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