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09/23/2014 SYRIA-IRAQ-US
US launches air strikes in Syria. Damascus was informed
The bombing targets Raqqa area with support of Arab forces. Air raids necessary because of Islamist militias’ hideouts on Syrian territory .
Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Syrian government has announced that coalition aircraft led by the United States this morning began airstrikes targeting the Islamic State (IS) on Syrian territory. It's the first time following decisions taken...

09/23/2014 CHINA
China, world leader in exporting tools of torture
The allegation is contained in a report published by Amnesty International. More than 130 Chinese companies produce and sell "intrinsically cruel" instruments in Asia and Africa. These would include spiked batons, electric batons and rigid restraint chairs.
09/23/2014 MYANMAR
Myanmar grants citizenship to 209 Muslim refugees, even Rohingya
They are part of a group of internally displaced persons fleeing sectarian violence in Rakhine State. Over a thousand Muslims have joined a government pilot program to check the status of refugees. In the past, Burmese authorities repeatedly rejected the persecuted Muslim minority’s request for citizenship.
09/22/2014 YEMEN
Sanaa: government and Shia rebels reach peace deal
A new government is expected shortly, to include Houthi and other separatist groups. The deal ends weeks of violent clashes that left scores dead. Government buildings and state broadcasters are still occupied. Sunni Islamist Islah movement is the loser (for now). UN plays key mediation role.
09/22/2014 USA - IRAN
Islamic State threat pushes United States and Iran to discuss nuclear issue
US Secretary of State Kerry meets with Tehran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. For the Americans, Iran has a role to play. In an effort to broaden the coalition in the fight against the jihadists, Kerry speaks with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

09/22/2014 AFGHANISTAN
Pashtun Ashraf Ghani is the new president of Afghanistan
Rival Abdullah Abdullah to take newly formed post of chief executive. The two candidates have signed an agreement to form a government of national unity, with the mediation of the United States. Washington hopes to extend the presence of its troops beyond 2014.
09/22/2014 IRAQ - FRANCE
As IS spokesman call on supporters to kill all unbelievers, Pax Christi stands with Iraqi Christians
In a message posted online, Abu Mohammad al Adnani calls against for jihad against unbelievers and infidels. "We will conquer your Rome; break your crosses," he sa. Pax Christi, a French peace movement, calls on people "not to forget Iraq". For Mgr Stenger, it is not enough to defeat the militants, "we need to build" Iraq and its future.
09/22/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Big pro-democracy student strike starts in Hong Kong
The weeklong class boycott began today. "[P]ained and outraged to see the advancement of democracy in Hong Kong stifled and suppressed," about 400 academics and non-teaching staff stand by students, who are "Hong Kong's future". Occupy Central is planning a silent sit-in for 1 October, anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. Billionaires from the former colony are set to meet with Xi Jinping to ask him to "stop" the pro-democracy movement.
09/22/2014 INDIA
For Card Gracias, leaders of all religions should work for the Indian people
by Nirmala Carvalho
The archbishop of Mumbai spoke at the 'Meeting of Diverse Spiritual Traditions in India,' organised by the Dalai Lama. At the event, which was held over the weekend in New Delhi, the Catholic prelate mentioned Pope Francis' visit to Italy's Redipuglia military shrine. For the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, "India is an illustrious example [. . .] religious harmony [. . .] over 1,000 years".
09/22/2014 RUSSIA - UKRAINE
Moscow Patriarchate tells Vatican that Uniate "problem" should be at the centre of ecumenical dialogue
by Nina Achmatova
Metropolitan Hilarion again attacks the "project" of the Catholic Church to proselytise in Ukraine, says theological issues should be put aside to address and solve instead the Greek Catholic "problem".
09/22/2014 INDIA
Missionary month in India, PMS director: Every Christian must proclaim the Gospel
by Santosh Digal
Fr. Faustine L. Lobo invites the community to live October, "according to the guidelines laid down in Ad Gentes". He calls for a thorough study of the conciliar decree and the development of a "planned strategy" to give new impetus to evangelization. Witness and unity of the universal Church: "We are all part of the same effort".
09/22/2014 NEPAL
Nepal, Hindu radicals target celebrity pop star for converting to Christianity
by Christopher Sharma
Anju Panta is one of the biggest stars in the country. After changing religion, she refused to perform at a Hindu festival: "My faith does not allow me to worship gods through song". Following an avalanche of criticism from media and civil society, she responds: "I have nothing to say to those who are criticizing me. May be it’s God’s plan and now I’m under the grace of God".
09/22/2014 TIBET - CHINA
Tibet, a return of self-immolations as 22 year old sets himself on fire
5 months since the last suicide, a Tibetan student burns himself to death in front of the Tsoe Police headquarters. He died in protest against Chinese rule in the region, shouting slogans in support of the Dalai Lama. Thus the victims no number 132 people from 2009 to present
09/22/2014 TURKEY - SYRIA
Turkey closes its border with Syria. Thousands of Kurdish refugees wait behind barbed wire
The crisis sparked by Islamic State conquest of 60 villages and its having laid siege to the city of Kobané. UN warns of humanitarian emergency with hundreds of thousands of refugees. The shut down also blocks the flow of Turkish Kurd fighters against the jihadists. Launch of US air raids in Syria increasingly likely.
09/21/2014 ALBANIA - VATICAN
Pope tells representatives of religions that religious freedom is bulwark against all forms of totalitarianism
Pope Francis met with Muslims, Bektashi (Sufi), Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical and Jewish representatives, advocating working together for the common good and dialogue. The latter should not be centre on relativism, but on retaining one's own identity, without hypocrisy.

Altri articoli
09/21/2014 ALBANIA - VATICAN
"Today we touched martyrs," a moved Pope Francis said in front of two who witnessed persecution
09/21/2014 VATICAN - ALBANIA
Pope in Albania: "Let no one consider themselves to be the 'armour' of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression
09/20/2014 VATICAN - CHINA
Pope wishes Chinese bishops "were here", tells them they are not alone, that they have his solidarity and that of the Church
09/20/2014 ASIA - ITALY
Mission congress: nine missionaries to follow PIME founder Angelo Ramazzotti by Bernardo Cervellera
09/20/2014 TURKEY - IRAQ - SYRIA
Islamic State releases Turkish hostages seized in Mosul
09/20/2014 CHINA
Chinese authorities tear down two Catholic churches
09/20/2014 LEBANON
Beirut: Christians and Muslims mourn Hani Fahs, an iconic figure for interreligious dialogue by Fady Noun
09/20/2014 UKRAINE - RUSSIA
Ukrainian Orthodox parishes leaving Moscow Patriarchate for Kyiv by Nina Achmatova
09/19/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Evangelii gaudium, many "tired and haggard" people wait for the Church
09/19/2014 INDIA
Towards the synod: India's multiculturalism, a challenge and a resource for Christian families by Santosh Digal
09/19/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Occupy Central adopts "Taiwan model" for protests
09/19/2014 VATICAN
Pope: "Christian identity is a road, it is a journey where you are with the Lord", now and after death, with resurrection
09/19/2014 BHUTAN
Protestant pastors convicted of "attempted proselytising" in Bhutan
09/19/2014 SRI LANKA
Card Ranjith: Joseph Vaz as saint, a missionary example for the Church in Sri Lanka
Editor's choices
"Adopt a Christian from Mosul": Archbishops’ thanks as first aid arrives
by Amel NonaMsgr. Amel Nona, the Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, who is also a refugee himself, thanks all the donors to the AsiaNews campaign. The situation is increasingly difficult given the huge number of refugees and the arrival of winter and snow, making outdoor shelters and tents impossible. The crisis, an occasion that activates the faith of Christians.
After raising € 350,000, 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' campaign continues
by Bernardo CervelleraDonations raised up to 31 August have been sent to the patriarch of Baghdad and the bishops of Kurdistan. The campaign helps to feed, house, clothe, and bring comfort to more than 150,000 Christian, Yazidi, Turkmen, Shia and Sunni refugees who fled the violence of the army of the Islamic Caliphate. People in Italy and around the world have been generous, including the poor and the unemployed, a sign of hope for the world as well as those who suffer and those who give.
Top 10
09/18/2014 INDONESIA - ISLAM
Yogyakarta: Catholic university cancels seminar on homosexuality after Islamist threats
by Mathias Hariyadi
09/19/2014 IRAQ
Mosul, the Islamic State "bans Christians from school"
09/17/2014 IRAQ
Kurdish Peshmerga free some Christian villages occupied by jihadists
09/17/2014 VATICAN
Pope: The Church is "catholic" and "apostolic". That is it’s "universal" and "missionary"
09/18/2014 CHINA - VATICAN
Chinese Church: confidence and caution in Pope Francis' invitation to Xi Jinping to meet at the Vatican
by Bernardo Cervellera
09/20/2014 VATICAN - CHINA
Pope wishes Chinese bishops "were here", tells them they are not alone, that they have his solidarity and that of the Church
09/19/2014 HONG KONG - CHINA
Occupy Central adopts "Taiwan model" for protests
09/16/2014 IRAQ - MIDDLE EAST
Patriarch of Baghdad: "UN mandate", not "innocent victims", needed in Iraqi crisis
For Baghdad patriarch, an intervention by Arab States is essential in the Iraqi crisis
by Louis Raphael I Sako *

09/16/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Its’ not enough to preach well, if you lack the closeness and compassion of the Lord when He "visits" His people


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