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04/27/2015 INDIA – NEPAL
Card Gracias feels personal sorrow over Nepal quake, now it is time for prayers and aid
by Card. Oswald Gracias
Through AsiaNews, the archbishop of Mumbai reaches out to earthquake victims. "I was in Nepal and I saw in person many of the devastated areas [. . .]. I share the victims’ suffering, that of their families”.
Mumbai (AsiaNews) – The Church in India has expressed its solidarity and closeness to the people affected by the earthquake. We pray for its victims in Nepal and parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh...

04/27/2015 VATICAN
Card. Dziwsz: John Paul II, the Pope of young people, a man of prayer, contemplation and action
The Archbishop of Krakow, historical secretary of Pope John Paul II, recalls the saint in Mass celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica to mark one year since canonization of the Polish Pope. He was the "Pope of Divine Mercy,", he said, something that binds him strongly to Pope Francis. For both the reality of divine and human mercy should be placed at the center of the life of the Church today".
For Maronite Patriarch, without Christians moderate Muslims will also disappear from the Middle East
by Fady Noun
Card Bechara al Rahi pleads with those waiting for the dawn of peace in “the dead of night”. He points the finger at the international community for being "slow" in stopping the "death and destruction" caused by "killers without faith." Peace between Israel and Palestine is a precondition for the preservation of the Christian presence. He inaugurated the new headquarters of the Maronite diocese of France.
04/27/2015 TAIWAN
Sister Marianeldis’ "three missions", 50 years in the service of Taiwan’s poor
by Xin Yage
The nun is from Silesia and has known the hunger and suffering of war. Her calling to religious life, from the example of an aunt who was a nun, a vocation that over time has turned into different, always stimulating paths. Today, retired, she helps people with HIV and those who have contracted HIV: "For all the gifts I have received I always thank the Lord."
04/27/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Nazarbayev re-elected president with 97.7% of the votes
by Nina Achmatova
The Kazakh leader wins a new mandate and promises stability and prosperity. But he faces the challenge of an economy slowing under the weight of the drop in oil prices and the scenario of a succession crisis.

04/27/2015 CHINA-VATICAN
Shanghai, Mass in memory of Msgr. Jin Luxian, while Msgr. Ma Daqin remains under house arrest
by Wang Zhicheng
The mass in the Cathedral was presided by the parish priest. The bishop of Shanghai was dismissed and he is forbidden to meet people and celebrate in public. Preparations for the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, on 24 May. Restrictions on pilgrimages throughout the month of May.
04/27/2015 NEPAL
Earthquake in Nepal: more than 3,500 dead. Caritas on frontline in rescue
by Christopher Sharma
The toll is of tens of thousands of displaced and at least 20 thousand completely destroyed buildings. Catholic schools open to provide shelter to survivors. Rains hamper rescue operations. "Incalculable" the economic damage to the tourism sector, the primary source of income for the country.
From Jakarta to Hong Kong, activists seek pardon for Filippino on death row
by Mathias Hariyadi
Yesterday afternoon there was a rally in the Indonesian capital to ask president Jokowi to spare the life of a young innocent woman. Human rights groups and feminists have promoted similar demonstrations in Hong Kong. Her defense team files a last desperate appeal. The execution scheduled for tomorrow April 28th.
04/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope prays for Nepal quake victims, hopes they receive "fraternal solidarity"
A good shepherd is like Christ, someone who “is a guide, who participates in the life of His flock. He pursues no other interests, for He has no other ambition but to lead, nurture and protect his sheep. All of this comes at the highest price, that of the sacrifice of His own life.” When the pope met the crowd at the window of his study, two new priests stood by his side.
04/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope warns priests "not to grow weary of being merciful,” asks them to forgive, not condemn in the confessional
Francis ordained 19 new priests today, telling them to be an example "because the example builds”. He urged them not to hurry when they deliver their sermons, nor be boring; never “refuse Baptism to anyone who asks,” and “always keep in mind the example of the Good Shepherd, who came not to be served but to serve; not to stay in his comfort, but to go out to seek and save what was lost.”
04/26/2015 NEPAL
New quake in Nepal: more than 2,000 confirmed dead with tens of thousands of injured
by Christopher Sharma
India, China, Great Britain, United States and France have already sent help. The death toll is rising. Remote areas remain largely inaccessible with communications cut off. Water and food are in short supply. On Mount Everest, at least 25 climbers have lost their lives.
04/25/2015 VATICAN - NEPAL
Pope: Deeply saddened for the earthquake in Nepal, prayers for the victims and the affected
Rises to over 1.300 death toll of the 7.9 magnitude quake that struck the country today. The government declared a state of emergency. The telegram of Vatican Secretary of State to Apostolic vicar of Nepal.
04/25/2015 NEPAL – ASIA
Massive earthquake rocks Nepal, killing hundreds, some under collapsed tower
Just before noon, local time, a 7.9 quake hit the Himalayan nation between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Seismic activity was also felt as far as India, Bangladesh and Tibet. In the Himalayas, an avalanche was triggered, hitting a base camp. So far, 150 are confirmed dead, but the number is expected to rise.
04/25/2015 ARMENIA – TURKEY
From Yerevan to Istanbul, Armenians mark 100 years since the genocide by Ottoman Turkey
The presidents of France and Russia attended yesterday’s ceremony in the Armenian capital. A high Vatican official was also present. Armenian President Sargsyan stressed the danger inherent in the denial of the crime. Demonstrations are held in Istanbul. Turkye’s prime minister said his country would “share the pain” felt by Armenians but denies it was genocide.
04/25/2015 NORTH KOREA
Pyongyang Zoo happy for its two new orang-utans
The pair of apes will travel from Jakarta to the North Korean capital. After they breed, they will be brought back to Indonesia. Jakarta governor will ask for something in return.

Altri articoli
04/25/2015 CHINA
Most wanted graft suspects in the United States and Canada
04/25/2015 INDONESIA
After another Sumatran elephant is found dead in Aceh, experts issue warnings about the endangered species by Mathias Hariyadi
04/24/2015 CAMBODIA
Cambodians celebrate New Year by forgetting the 40th anniversary of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime
04/24/2015 PAKISTAN
An "intelligence failure" led to the killing of Lo Porto and Weinstein by Silent Thinker
04/24/2015 CHINA – ASIA – AFRICA
Xi Jinping calls for a new world order to reflect the newfound influence of Asia and Africa
04/24/2015 THAILAND
Thai Prime Minister asks Indonesia for help against illegal fishing by Weena Kowitwanij
04/24/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh: the family is "the most beautiful place in the world" by Sumon Corraya
04/24/2015 IRAQ – TURKEY
Bartholomew I’s solidarity to Mar Sako for Iraq’s persecuted Christians by Joseph Mahmoud
04/24/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Never forget your "first encounter" with Jesus, the one that "changed your life"
04/24/2015 INDIA
Varanasi: Mafia and pollution "threatens health of Ganges" by Nirmala Carvalho
04/24/2015 NEPAL
Nepal: after 18 years, killer of Jesuit missionary arrested by Christopher Sharma
South China Sea: Manila accuses Beijing of "armed robbery"
The largest canonization in history: 1.5 million Armenians massacred by the Ottoman Empire
04/23/2015 TURKEY – ARMENIA
The forced Islamisation of Armenians was also genocide by NAT da Polis
Editor's choices
Pope remembers and prays for "latest tragedy" of migrants, "our brothers and sisters" who "are seeking happiness"At the Regina Caeli, Pope Francis says he is praying for the hundreds of victims in a sinking off the coast of Libya. An appeal to the international community to "act decisively and promptly." "Every baptized person is called to witness in word and deed, that Jesus is risen, He is alive and present in our midst." The Christian message "is not a theory, an ideology or a complex system of precepts and prohibitions, or moralism, but a message of salvation, a concrete event, even a person: the Risen Christ, the living and only Savior of all" . The Pope will be in Turin on June 21 to honor the Shroud, the exposition of which begins today.
Saudi war in Yemen masks widening domestic tensions
by Afshin ShahiSaudi Arabia is using the conflict in Yemen to control domestic problems, especially social inequalities and religious sectarianism. However, whilst the royal family flaunts its wealth, some 20 per cent of the population lives in poverty. Many disgruntled young Saudis end up becoming "foreign fighters" for the Islamic state (IS). Some 15 per cent of the Saudi population is Shia, under the heavy thumb of the Sunni-dominated state. Afshin Shahi, director of the Centre for the Study of Political Islam and lecturer in International Relations and Middle East Politics at University of Bradford, provides the following lucid analysis.
Top 10
South China Sea: Vietnam offers the Philippines a deal to contain China
04/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope prays for Nepal quake victims, hopes they receive "fraternal solidarity"
04/20/2015 TAIWAN - CHINA
More than 360 million viewers for premiere of film on imperial painter Jesuit Giuseppe Castiglione,
by Xin Yage
04/20/2015 LIBYA- ISLAM
Ethiopian Christians shot, beheaded and filmed by Islamic State
by Paul Dakiki
04/21/2015 UN-EU
UN: 800 dead in the worst Mediterranean migrant tragedy
04/23/2015 LAOS
Laotian government pressures activists not to raise human rights issue at ASEAN meeting
04/22/2015 INDIA
Jharkhand, Hindu radicals demand immediate closure of Catholic school
by Nirmala Carvalho
04/20/2015 VATICAN
Buddhists and Christians together against modern slavery and human trafficking
04/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "men and women are the same substance and are complementary", a woman is not inferior or subordinate
04/23/2015 TURKEY – ARMENIA
The forced Islamisation of Armenians was also genocide
by NAT da Polis


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