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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
12/22/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the 15 "diseases" of the Curia, from careerism to "gossip", from pomposity to accumulation of wealth
In a speech entitled "The Roman Curia and the Body of Christ", Francis lists a "catalogue" of "curial diseases" that "weaken our service to the Lord." You can not live without "a relationship with Christ that is vital, personal, authentic and solid." "The closer we are to God the more we are united among ourselves." An examination of conscience is needed.
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Feeling "indispensable", having "a heart of stone", wanting to plan everything, losing one's memory of  his encounter with the Lord, vanity, gossip, the desire to accumulate things...

12/22/2014 MYANMAR - CHINA

Growing illegal tiger and wild cat trade from Myanmar to China
A recent report shows a spike in trade near the Burmese town of Mong La. In the past eight years, the number of shops selling animal part products has jumped more than threefold. About 80 per cent of the parts are from tigers, which is on the endangered species list. Only 5 per cent the population is left compared to a century ago.
12/22/2014 ASIA - OPEC
Oil price war aimed at non-OPEC countries
The United States, Mexico, Russia, and Norway are among the countries targeted. Non-OPEC countries are blamed for an overproduction of 2 million barrels a day. Prices are expected to go up again in the second half of 2015.
12/22/2014 CHINA - HONG KONG
Chen Zuoer pushing for new security law in Hong Kong (after Occupy)
by Paul Wang
The former deputy director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office wants a law that curbs free speech to block further protests and a possible repeat of the Occupy Central movement. In 2003, the Hong Kong government drafted security legislation that met with strong popular opposition.
12/22/2014 INDONESIA
Indonesian Islamists threaten Christmas celebrations
by Mathias Hariyadi
For the past few years, the Christian festivity has become an excuse for violence and targeted attacks. Among Muslims, moderates defend Christmas whilst fundamentalists view it as "haram", sinful. Whilst Jakarta Governor sets up a tree, President Jokowi travels to Papua for the celebration. Meanwhile, members of the Yasmin Church prepare to celebrate the event outdoor.

12/22/2014 INDIA
For Mgr Dabre, India should ensure respect for the rights and freedoms of all citizens
by Thomas Dabre *
In a country with different cultures, religions, and states, "cultural nationalism" is wrong. The same is true for attempts to impose the Hindu majority's culture, sacred books, festivities and even terminology on believers of other religions. Christians do not practice forced conversions, but uphold the right to change religion as guaranteed by the Constitution.
12/22/2014 SYRIA
Aleppo: Christmas among Christian families broken by war, praying for peace
by Giorgio Istifan
A young Christian from Aleppo victim of the Syrian conflict tells his story. He went from leading a normal life with a wife and daughter to one of unemployment and separation. The war has split his family; now he can see his wife and daughter only a few hours a day. Yet, the conflict has boosted his faith. For Christmas, he calls on Christians around the world to pray "for us, Christians of Syria."
12/22/2014 MONGOLIA - KOREA
"We are few Christians, but God's love makes everything possible," says Mongolia's first deacon
by Pietro Kim Jaedok
Joseph Enkh-Baatar was ordained deacon in Daejeon, South Korea, on 10 December. In an interview with AsiaNews, he talked about the challenges of his future priestly life in the country with the world's youngest Church, looked at the difficulties of proclaiming the Gospel in a society where unfettered capitalism coexists with animist traditions, and described the many problems that await him. Yet, he is full of hope. "I want to become a priest who never loses sight of his centre, which is Jesus Christ, so that I can carry out my mission."
12/22/2014 MALAYSIA
Kuala Lumpur, religious leaders: Dialogue, the basis of coexistence between different faiths
Christians, Muslims and Buddhists gathered at a conference highlight the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding. Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur: "It does not mean “giving up one's faith”, but "understanding the sensitivities of others." Indonesian Muslim scholar: tolerance and pluralism basis of dialogue.
12/22/2014 PAKISTAN
Peshawar school massacre: Pakistani police arrest a group of suspects
Those arrested are suspected of "aiding and abetting". For the Minister of Interior investigations are continuing "in the right direction." Intelligence sources: new attacks in the planning. Thousands of people have paid tribute to the 148 victims of the massacre at the military school, of whom 132 were children.
12/22/2014 TUNISIA - ISLAM
Essebsi claims victory in presidential poll, but official results due tonight
Marzouki, the outgoing President, says the self-proclaimed winner's announcement is "undemocratic". The elections were conducted peacefully. There was only one incident in Kairouan.
12/21/2014 VATICAN
Pope: At Christmas, once more, Christ comes by and knocks on the doors of our hearts, and we should not let him get away
On the fourth Sunday of Advent, Francis emphasises two aspects in Mary's life, "a model to prepare for Christmas," namely her faith and her capacity to recognise God's time. "The example of Mary and that of her husband Joseph are an invitation to accept with total openness of mind Jesus, who became our brother out of love." What is more, "If you feel the desire to improve, Christ will come by and knock at your door: open it!"
12/20/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the most dangerous misery is "the presumption that we can do without God"
According to such blind misery, material wealth, the quest for power and pleasure, and the enslavement of others to achieve these goals, are the purpose of existence.
12/20/2014 IRAQ
Chaldean Patriarch: on Christmas, Christian refugees should not feel "abandoned" or "forgotten"
by Joseph Mahmoud
Ahead of Christmas celebrations, Mar Sako issued a message to the Christian community that fled the Islamic state. Understandably, Christians are "concerned" about the loss of homes and jobs, but they should keep the "hope for a future of "peace and coexistence" alive. His Beatitude calls on the faithful to pray to keep courage alive and expressed gratitude for the help provided so far.
Gaza: Israel launches airstrike in response to rocket fired from the Gaza Strip
This morning Israel's Air Force carried out an airstrike, the first since a truce between Israel and Hamas was brokered last August. No casualties or damages have been reported. An Israeli military spokesman said that the "Hamas terror infrastructure" was hit. Hamas did not claim responsibility for yesterday's rocket.

Altri articoli
12/20/2014 CHINA
Mongolian rights activist Hada released after 20 years
12/20/2014 INDONESIA
Bogor: apostolic nuncio ordains 12 priests and deacons to pray and serve the community by Mathias Hariyadi
12/20/2014 BANGLADESH
Christmas carols competition held to keep Bangladeshi kids away from drugs and alcohol by Sumon Corraya
12/19/2014 SRI LANKA - LAOS
Sri Lanka activists tell UN to find the truth about Laotian dissident Sombath Somphone's fate by Melani Manel Perera
12/19/2014 LEBANON - SYRIA
Syrian refugees in Lebanon face new challenge, children "without citizenship or rights"
12/19/2014 INDIA
For Christian leaders, the government needs to rid itself of Hindu radicals because India is not a theocracy
12/19/2014 JAPAN
With empty cradles, Japan needs to boost birth rate, govt says
12/19/2014 MALAYSIA
Christmas in Malaysia, a moment of "celebration and sharing" for Christians and Muslims
12/19/2014 VATICAN
For pope, even to non-believers the crèche and the Christmas tree "speak of fraternity, intimacy and friendship"
12/19/2014 VATICAN
Pope: May the Church "allow itself be surprised by the Holy Spirit", it is not an entrepreneur but a mother
12/19/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Seoul, the Constitutional Court bans a Political Party: "Dictatorship is back"
12/19/2014 MACAU - HONG KONG - CHINA
Occupy effect: umbrellas banned during Xi Jinping's visit to Macau (despite the rain) by Paul Wang
12/19/2014 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad, Sehar's Christmas: blind from birth, she now can see thanks to a chain of solidarity by Shafique Khokhar
12/19/2014 IRAQ - SYRIA
Mount Sinjar, the peshmerga break siege of Islamic State militias
Editor's choices
As 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' continues, Mosul bishop notes that Jesus is born amid refugee containers
by Amel NonaPersecuted by the Islamic state, refugees have lost everything: belongings, home, jobs, school, and their future. Yet, their faith and mission remain strong. For them, almost 900,000 euros have been raised and sent. Pope Francis sends a message of closeness. The campaign continues according to the Patriarch of Baghdad's proposal of fasting and moderation at Christmas and New Year, with the money saved offered to the Christians of Mosul.
Chaldean Patriarch calls for fasting on Christmas Eve for refugees' return to Mosul
by Joseph MahmoudMar Louis Sako calls on the faithful not to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a "worldly" fashion, with pomp and abundance, out of solidarity with the people who fled the Nineveh plains, persecuted by the Islamic Army. AsiaNews is joining the fast proposed by the Patriarch and calls on all readers to give what they would have otherwise spent in support of the campaign 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul'.
Top 10
12/20/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the most dangerous misery is "the presumption that we can do without God"
12/17/2014 INDIA
Radical Hindus attack Christians singing Christmas carols
by Nirmala Carvalho
12/16/2014 IRAQ - VATICAN
As 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' continues, Mosul bishop notes that Jesus is born amid refugee containers
by Amel Nona
12/17/2014 INDONESIA
Central Java, Islamist threat: Scrap Christmas symbols and no celebrations
by Mathias Hariyadi
12/15/2014 CAMBODIA
Christmas for Vuon, a Cambodian who converted and beat illness thanks to Jesus
by Luca Bolelli
12/17/2014 MIDDLE EAST - ISLAM
Secularism, Sunni-Shia divide, and the Islamic state are wiping out Christians from the Middle East
by Fady Noun
12/18/2014 VATICAN
Pope: God walks with us in history, and when we go wrong he correct history and brings it forward
Palestine presents peace plan to the UN Council, Israel calls it an act of aggression
by Joshua Lapide
12/15/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the heart of Christians "is built on the rock" and not "plastered over" in a "cast" of discipline"
12/15/2014 VIETNAM - VATICAN
The soon to be Saint Father Diep, Vietnamese priest and martyr honored even by non-Christians


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