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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
Pope John Paul II "helped believers throughout the world not to be afraid to call themselves Christian"
In a video message broadcast on Polish TV, Francis expresses the gratitude of the people of God for the Polish Pope "for his tireless service, his spiritual leadership, for having introduced the Church into the third millennium of faith and for his extraordinary testimony of holiness".
Vatican City (AsiaNews)-Pope Francis, together with "all members of the People of God" is "grateful to John Paul II for his tireless service, his spiritual leadership, for having introduced the Church into the third millennium of faith and his extraordinary testimony of holiness". These were the words of the Argentinean Pope in a video message broadcast yesterday by the Polish radio and television, ahead of the...

04/25/2014 PAKISTAN
Air strikes against Taliban strongholds in Pakistan: 37 dead and 18 injured
First military operation against the TTP since March cease-fire. Army flexes its muscle and strikes a blow to government peace efforts. Strike targeted a cell responsible for the attacks in Peshawar. The Taliban announces retaliation and revenge.
04/25/2014 AFGHANISTAN
Afghan elections, Abdullah still in the lead. But run-off is likely
The official results will be released on 14 May, but with 82.6 % of the votes counted the Independent Electoral Commission says a first round victory is "unlikely". The run-off should be between Abdullah, now at 43.8% , and Ashraf Ghani, at 32.9%.
04/24/2014 SYRIA
For Ban Ki-moon, all Syrian factions guilty of blocking humanitarian aid
UN secretary general says "flagrant violations of the basic principles of international law" have been committed. For UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos, relief often cannot reach its destination because soldiers deny access. And roads linking Aleppo to Damascus are often blocked.
04/24/2014 BANGLADESH
Rana Plaza, a year after, amid the government's failed promises and survivors' rehabilitation
by Nozrul Islam
Thousands of people, including garments workers and their families, held a memorial vigil today for the 1,135 victims of the Rana Plaza collapse. The disaster was the worst accident in the country's garment industry. Although the road ahead is still long, workplace safety is now on the agenda. However, only a few families have received compensation and many workers who survived the ordeal have not been hired back to work.

04/24/2014 VATICAN
Christians and Buddhists to foster together the growth of the community
The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue issues a message for the Buddhist Feast of Vesakh to "join forces to educate people, particularly the young, to seek fraternity, to live in fraternity and to dare to build fraternity."
04/24/2014 TURKEY
For the first time Ankara sends "condolences" to Armenians for (unmentioned) genocide
Erdogan's message for April 24, memorial of the "Great Evil" . The document does not acknowledge any responsibility, but expresses support for historical research and talks about "our shared future”.
In Tokyo, Obama irks Beijing by siding with Japan over disputed islands
For the first time, a US president directly addresses the issue of the Senkaku/Diayou, a group of small islands claimed by both China and Japan. For the US president, on a visit to Japan, the islands "fall within the scope of Article 5 of the US-Japan Treaty of Mutual Co-operation and Security." For Beijing, this is mistake, worthy of the "Cold War" era.
04/24/2014 PAKISTAN
Punjab: clan gang rapes seven year old Christian and kidnaps father to stop him reporting them
by Jibran Khan
Sara was raped by four men in a Muslim village in Sialkot . The little girl is hospitalized in a "critical condition". The rapists kidnapped her father, Iqbal Masih, forcing the family to not press charges. Activists and human rights organizations demand justice.
04/24/2014 VATICAN
Pope: there are "bat-like Christians” who "prefer the shadows to the light of the Lord’s presence".
Like the disciples at the appearance of the Risen Jesus, we "are afraid of the closeness of Jesus, because it gives us joy." "The Christian life should be a dialogue with Jesus, because - this is true - Jesus is always with us, always in times of problems, difficulties and good works".
04/24/2014 INDIA
Card. Gracias: We vote to serve and build a better India
by Card. Oswald Gracias
The Archbishop of Mumbai went to the polls this morning, during the sixth phase of the general elections of 2014. To do so, he postponed his trip to Rome. He tells AsiaNews: "Jesus was clear about religious authority and the civil power, it is our duty as citizens to get involved in civil matters" for the good of society.
04/24/2014 INDONESIA
Bogor: Christians appeal to new mayor to let Yasmin Church reopen
On 7 April, Bima Arya Sugiarto replaced controversial Mayor Diani Budiarto, who had the church closed. His decision, which violated a Constitutional Court ruling, was taken under pressures from Islamists. The new mayor now has to put "an end" to abuses against the Christian community, which this year celebrated Easter in the open air.
04/24/2014 VATICAN
Canonised popes as model for Francis' Church
by Franco Pisano
On several occasions, the current pope highlighted Pope John XXIII's humility and surrender to God's and John Paul II's consistency, courage and missionary strength as examples of how the Catholic world ought to be.
04/24/2014 KOREA
Pyongyang sends its condolences to Seoul for ferry disaster
This is the first time since 2003 that the Kim regime has expressed “sorrow" over a tragedy that occurred in the South. The death toll rises to 171 , 131 people are still missing. The message was sent through the Red Cross.
04/24/2014 BANGLADESH
Dhaka, rise in abductions as a Catholic businessman kidnapped
by Sumon Corraya
The victim is Hemonto Costa, younger sibling of Brother Proshanto Costa, high school principal in Mymensingh. His cell phone is turned off and there is no news of his whereabouts. Between 2013 and 2014 a total of 332 people were kidnapped in Bangladesh. Only half returned home alive.

Altri articoli
04/23/2014 SAUDI ARABIA
Death toll hits 81 with 17 more MERS cases reported
04/23/2014 VATICAN
Pope warns against placing hope in "dead things" such as vanity, money and success
04/23/2014 SINGAPORE - CHINA
Singapore archbishop: With Benedict XVI's words pray for the Church in China by William Goh Seng Chye*
Human rights activists oppose amnesty for crimes committed during the country's civil war by Christopher Sharma
04/23/2014 RUSSIA
Fear of freedom is killing the future of Russia by Marta Allevato
04/23/2014 LEBANON
The difficult journey to choose Lebanon's new president starts today by Paul Dakiki
04/23/2014 CHINA
China "soon" to set up a special court to deal with intellectual property rights
04/23/2014 SOUTH KOREA
Korea’s Catholic Church continues to grow: faithful now 10.4% of the population
04/23/2014 VIETNAM
Parents slam government as measles outbreak kills 123 children in Vietnam
04/23/2014 IRAN
Iran, President Rouhani: End to discrimination, equal rights and opportunities for women
04/23/2014 INDONESIA
Jakarta, new corruption scandal overwhelms Audit Agency’s Chief by Mathias Hariyadi
04/22/2014 NEPAL
Everest avalanche: guides suspend all climbing operations by Christopher Sharma
04/22/2014 BANGLADESH
Dhaka: arson razes home of Catholic family by Sumon Corraya
04/22/2014 INDIA
For Indian Jesuit, Narendra Modi is vindictive and a threat to India's minorities by Cedric Prakash sj
Editor's choices
Easter, victory over death and impotence
by Bernardo Cervellera
I will miss you Fr Frans, you inspired us all, says Syrian Jesuit
by Tony Homsy*A young priest from the Society of Jesus remembers the life and work of Fr Frans van der Lugt, who was killed in Homs after he refused to abandon residents beleaguered by hunger and war. "He gave and continues to give everything for the Church, Syria, and peace. His story and qualities made him an exceptional missionary and witness to the Gospel." Reprinted courtesy of 'The Jesuit Post'.
Top 10
04/21/2014 VATICAN
Pope: Easter joy "is not a masquerade! It is impressed on our hearts and shines through our actions".
04/18/2014 PAKISTAN
Good Friday in Pakistan: fasting and prayers for Asia Bibi, Sawan Masih and other blasphemy victims
by Jibran Khan
04/18/2014 LAOS - THAILANDIA
Thai geologists warn Xayaburi dam is an earthquake risk
04/19/2014 VATICAN
Way of the Cross: "Evil will not have the last word; love, mercy and forgiveness will," pope says
04/24/2014 VATICAN
Pope: there are "bat-like Christians” who "prefer the shadows to the light of the Lord’s presence".
04/22/2014 SYRIA
For Gregorios III, the destruction of Ma'aloula churches is a "war crime"
by Fady Noun
04/20/2014 VATICAN
Pope: May the Risen Christ help us to reach out to those who are wounded and bring peace to those who suffer from war and violence
04/18/2014 IRAQ
Chaldean Patriarch celebrates Holy Thursday with disabled and marginalised Christians and Muslims
by Joseph Mahmoud
04/24/2014 PAKISTAN
Punjab: clan gang rapes seven year old Christian and kidnaps father to stop him reporting them
by Jibran Khan
04/18/2014 CHINA
Beijing: four more New Citizens Movement activists convicted


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by Giulio Aleni / (a cura di) Gianni Criveller
pp. 176
by Lazzarotto Angelo S.
pp. 528
by Bernardo Cervellera
pp. 240
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Before the tomb,
something completely new and unexpected happens,
they draw near and they do not find the Lord's body,
What was a simple act,
done surely out of love - going to the tomb -
has now turned into an event, a truly life-changing event.
Nothing remains as it was before,
not only in the lives of those women,
but also in our own lives and in the history of mankind.
Jesus is not dead, he has risen, he is alive!
He does not simply return to life;
rather, he is life itself,
because he is the Son of God, the living God!
Jesus no longer belongs to the past,
but lives in the present and is projected towards the future;
Jesus is the everlasting "today" of God.
This is how the newness of God appears to the women,
the disciples and all of us:
as victory over sin, evil and death,
over everything that crushes life and makes it seem less human.
How often does Love have to tell us:
Why do you look for the living among the dead?
Our daily problems and worries can wrap us up in ourselves,
in sadness and bitterness... and that is where death is.
That is not the place to look for the One who is alive!

                                                                           Pope Francis


AsiaNews wishes all our friends and readers
a Happy Easter 2014