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Dhaka: Urban and tribal cultures can meet the goals set by Laudato si’
by Sumon Corraya
Mgr Patrick D'Rozario, archbishop of Dhaka, organised a meeting with representatives of various groups to discuss Pope Francis’ encyclical. "We can heed the pope by teaching everyone to love the environment from the point of view of his or her religion,” a Catholic priest said.
Dhaka (AsiaNews) – Mgr Patrick D'Rozario, archbishop of Dhaka, organised a debate on Pope Francis’ Laudato si’ encyclical in order to promote the pope’s teachings and put them...

09/01/2015 INDIA
India feels China crisis, as growth halts at 7%
The figure refers to the last quarter. The crisis in the Chinese market offers new opportunities for expansion for India. Expert says: "China will not disappear from investors radar". Lack of private investment in India, amid need for an increase public spending. Infusion of capital announced by New Delhi will not remedy the difference of money required by state banks.
09/01/2015 THAILAND
Bangkok bomb: police pocket reward as investigations flounder
Three million baht (85 thousand dollars) ended up in the pockets of policemen after the arrest of a suspect of an unknown nationality. Four others are being sought. A Muslim woman is accused of having rented out apartments to the perpetrators of the attack.
09/01/2015 MYANMAR
Myanmar president signs (anti-Muslim) law that bans polygamy
Thein Sein inks controversial law that bans multiple marriages and common law partnerships. Promoted by rightwing Buddhist extremists, the new legislation follows a series of measures designed to defend “race and religion”. For HRW official, the new legislation is potentially discriminatory, especially for the way it might be implemented.
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Our final embrace with Christ and the idleness "of chatter"
As public Masses begin again in Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis calls Christians to witness to hope (and fear) of the definitive encounter with Jesus Christ. "He will come to see me so that I may see him with my own eyes, embrace him and be with him always." "Let us comfort one another through good deeds and good words, on this road."

09/01/2015 KOREA
Seoul and Pyongyang meet to plan family reunifications
Red Cross Officials from the two countries will meet on September 7th in Panmunjon to discuss the details. The government of South warns: "Better to be cautious, they can change their mind right up until the last moment" An estimated 70 thousand "divided" families living in the South, no data from the North.
09/01/2015 CAMBODIA
Demonstrators call for release of three environmentalists
Three young people are under arrest for interfering with drainage works at the mouth of a river in the province of Koh Kong. Two Vietnamese companies involved. According to activists, the operations are a source of pollution and flooding. Indefinite protests to obtain environmentalists release. Today is the first World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, wanted by the Pope.
09/01/2015 CHINA
Chinese manufacturing down in August, fueling fresh fears for markets
Official figures show a 49.7 contraction in the industry, the fastest in three years. Experts skeptical about the real extent of the phenomenon, which could be "much worse". Markets hold, but with difficulty.
08/31/2015 EGYPT
Egyptians will go to the poll starting on 17 October to elect a new parliament
After three years, voters will pick 568 members of the lower house. Sisi loyalists are favoured to win. The vote is expected to give the president a veneer of legitimacy after jumpstarting the economy and holding back the Islamist onslaught.
08/31/2015 INDIA
Orissa: Ordeal of Pastor Sushil Lima, for years a victim of radical Hindus
by Nirmala Carvalho
The religious leader and his family are victims of persecution since 2005, when he began to preach the Gospel. He received death threats during the anti-Christian pogroms in Kandhamal in 2008. Over the years he has baptized about 100 faithful. His followers publicly humiliated and threatened with expulsion by village council.
Bartholomew I and Catholics together on World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
For the first time tomorrow, Orthodox and Catholics will celebrate event together, which Pope Francis picked this year. The content of the patriarch’s message is very similar to that of the encyclical Laudato si’. Man is a fool to think that he owns creation rather than being its steward. Ascetic behaviour can correct the excesses of consumerism. The Gospel can clean the spiritual garbage caused by material garbage.
08/31/2015 CHINA
As people continue to be treated as "cannon fodder," the Party tries to use the economy and nationalism to save itself
At its second international seminar, the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition looks at the collapse of China’s economy and its Nazi style nationalism, under the country’s new Mao, President Xi Jinping, who wants to squeeze depositors and displace social unrest. Without democracy and human rights, the country is likely to return to the disasters of the attack against Vietnam and the Cultural Revolution.
08/31/2015 INDIA
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala Carvalho
The Archbishop of Ranchi, speaks to AsiaNews ahead of the World Day of Prayer for the care of creation (1 September). The nation is home to "more than one million tribal Catholic, and in our culture we respect nature and will celebrate its gifts." Today "to be true witnesses of Christ, we must respond to the ecological crisis through a deep spiritual conversion."
08/31/2015 CHINA
Zhang Kai, a courageous lawyer who defended Zhejiang crosses with law books
Arrested on 25 August, Zhang has not been heard ever since. He was the main defence lawyer in the case involving Churches and Christians in the province of Zhejiang. A devout Christian, he was able to get charges against Protestant Churches and clergymen overturned. “Just by going by the book,” he was able to save many churches and open a new path for defending people’s rights and religious freedom in China. What is more, “I have God as my backer,” he said.
08/31/2015 LEBANON – VATICAN
Michael Malke’s beatification and the future of Iraqi and Syrian martyrs
by Fady Noun
The martyrdom of the Syriac Catholic bishop at the hands of the Ottoman Empire continues logically into today’s persecution in Syria, Iraq and across the whole Middle East. Now, the victims of the massacre in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad in 2010 will become the subject of a cause of beatification. Indifferent to the fate of Christians, the great powers have lost their way when it comes to refugees.

Altri articoli
08/24/2015 VIETNAM
Vietnamese Church at forefront of calls for democratic and multicultural reform of education by Nguyen Hung

08/31/2015 TIBET
Mother of four dies after setting herself on fire against village demolitions
08/31/2015 BANGLADESH
From Colombia to the chaos of Dhaka: The joy of the mission, a new spiritual strength by Danilo Goméz
08/31/2015 MALAYSIA
Street protests against prime minister, accused of corruption. Najib refuses to resign
Msgr. Michel Sabbah among demonstrators assaulted by Israeli army in Beit Jala by Joshua Lapide
08/30/2015 VATICAN
For pope, the blessed martyr Flavianus Michael Malke can bring “consolation” to persecuted Mideast Christians
08/29/2015 IRAN - CHINA
Tehran and Beijing to develop closer ties, work on Arak nuclear reactor project
08/29/2015 LEBANON
‘You stink’ campaign steps up its protest, calling for fresh parliamentary elections
08/29/2015 IRAQ
Baghdad patriarch calls for a government of "national emergency" to save Iraq by Joseph Mahmoud
Responding to the pope’s call, the Filipino Church will mark World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation with masses, exhibitions, and meetings
08/29/2015 RUSSIA
The Cossacks of Saint Petersburg deny involvement in the removal of a bas-relief depicting Mephistopheles by Nina Achmatova
Chinese-funded project gives Kyrgyzstan its first independent power transmission line
Migrants found suffocated to death in a lorry in Austria were from Syria
Jakarta and Dili to settle territorial disputes before the end of the year
Editor's choices
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala CarvalhoThe Archbishop of Ranchi, speaks to AsiaNews ahead of the World Day of Prayer for the care of creation (1 September). The nation is home to "more than one million tribal Catholic, and in our culture we respect nature and will celebrate its gifts." Today "to be true witnesses of Christ, we must respond to the ecological crisis through a deep spiritual conversion."
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo CervelleraThe Chaldean priest met Pope Francis, asking him to keep the world’s focus on Christian refugees from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain. His diocese is home to 3500 Christian families and almost half a million Yazidis who fled Islamic State violence. ISIS is not all Islam and there are Muslims who want an Iraq of coexistence. Christians might not emigrate, but remain in their own land. Aid projects for refugees: school for children, work for adults, a home for every family. An appeal to AsiaNews.
Top 10
08/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad: Christian family forced to flee from place to place after wife converts from Islam
by Stephen Masih
08/25/2015 LEBANON
Muslims defend Christians’ freedom in Beirut Declaration
08/28/2015 VATICAN - IRAQ
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo Cervellera
08/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope on prayer: God is "the caress that keeps us alive"
08/27/2015 JORDAN - ISLAM
Muslims are not doing "enough" to fight the Islamic State, says Queen Rania
08/25/2015 INDIA
Still no justice for Kandhamal’s Christians seven years after pogroms
by Nirmala Carvalho
08/25/2015 INDIA
For Mgr Barwa, Kandhamal Christians are witnesses of Christ, at peace in the face of persecution
08/26/2015 SYRIA
Islamic State using chemical weapons in Syria
08/26/2015 INDIA
India census: Muslims grew faster than Hindus but less than Christians
08/27/2015 CHINA
Zhejiang faithful re-erect cross government demolished: a "theft"


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