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03/31/2015 IRAN
Christians in Iran: safe but in a ghetto (II)
by Bernardo Cervellera
The small Armenian, Chaldean and Latin communities are free but inside their churches. Muslims seeking baptism have to be turned away to avoid antagonising the government. The prevailing model is one of tolerance, living side by side, but without dialogue. As a new Latin cathedral is under construction, many fear that Rouhani’s openness may not last.
Tehran (AsiaNews) – The following is the second part of a report on Christian life in Iran. The first part was published yesterday: Christians in Iran: with Rouhani there is some movement (I). Emigration has delivered a serious blow to the Christian presence in Iran. Sometimes...

03/31/2015 BANGLADESH
Dhaka: another blogger hacked to death for criticising radical Islam
by Sumon Corraya
Oyasiqur Rahman Babu manage a blog that documented minority rights violations in Bangladesh. A group of at least three attackers killed him for his ideas. The police confirmed the arrest of two suspects.
03/31/2015 MYANMAR
Although government and ethnic groups reach ceasefire deal, it is too soon to celebrate
by Francis Khoo Thwe
Myanmar’s government and representatives from 16 armed groups fighting for some of the country’s ethnic minorities have reached a draft ceasefire agreement. Rebel leaders must give the green light before proceeding. However, the Kokang have not signed on. Myanmar President Thein Sein is satisfied with the deal. For Catholic Kachin activist, it is hard to trust Burmese authorities because the agreement does not include every group and fighting continues in some parts of the country.
03/31/2015 INDIA - TANZANIA
Diocese of Mangalore: school, catechism and solar panels for mission in Africa
Since 2012 the diocese of Karnataka has sent four priests in Kituri, Tanzania. Msgr. Aloysius Paul D'Souza: "It was time to share the faith with those who need it most." Positive response from local population, working with the missionaries. Among the future projects, the opening of a kindergarten.
03/31/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta shuts down 22 pro-Islamic State websites
by Mathias Hariyadi
The targeted sites are no longer accessible via Indonesian servers because they contained "false teachings" of Islam. After years of doing nothing, the government took direct action against online radicalism.

03/31/2015 LEBANON
A standing Islamic-Christian conference in Lebanon to meet the region’s challenges
by Fady Noun 

Christian and Muslim leaders yesterday agreed to establish such a structure in Bkerké. It will hold quarterly meetings. The failure to elect a new president and the Islamist threat are the main issues that require a solution. On the long run, the arrival of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, on top of existing Palestinian refugees, threatens the country’s very existence.
03/31/2015 UZBEKISTAN
Karimov wins fourth term in office with more than 90 per cent of the vote
by Nina Achmatova
The outgoing president wins a landslide. Western observers criticise the “unconstitutional” poll. The former Soviet republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States praise the election. Analysts warn that the fight for succession is already underway and could turn violent.
03/31/2015 MIDDLE EAST - ISLAM
Fr. Samir: Arab military coalition possible peacekeeping force to guarantee pluralism
by Samir Khalil Samir
For the first time in history, a dozen Arab countries have decided to launch a joint military force to fight terrorism. The idea in itself good, in practice is sliding into a sectarian struggle between Sunni and Shia. Instead they could fight the Islamic state, ensure the return of Christians in Iraq and in Syria, push for peace between Israel and Palestine.
03/31/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore: Teenager on trial for "insulting the memory of Lee Kuan Yew". Risks three years
Amos Yee, 16, will be tried as an adult and will also respond to charges of having insulted Christianity. He was released on bail and his father has appealed to the Lee family. He posted a video that has provoked outrage among citizens. A Christian has launched an online petition for the teenagers release.
03/31/2015 JAPAN - NORTH KOREA
Tokyo extends sanctions against the Kim regime
Shinzo Abe’s executive will continue tourist and commercial embargo against Pyongyang for "at least another two years,". At the center of the dispute are Japanese citizens kidnapped in the 70s and 80s, whose fate remains unknown.
03/31/2015 TAIWAN - CHINA - ASIA
Taipei races against time to get into Beijing’s "Super Bank"
The Taiwanese government decides at the last minute useful to apply to be a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. More than 40 nations have already joined, including Egypt. Doubts regarding the island’s legal status: China requires that members are nations, but defines Taiwan as "a rebel province."
03/30/2015 IRAN
Christians in Iran: with Rouhani there is some movement (I)
by Bernardo Cervellera
As the world’s most powerful nations try to find an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue in Lausanne, in Iran things are changing. Despite known limitations on freedom of conscience and problems, including violence, the country’s 350,000 Christians enjoy a degree of freedom that is certainly greater than in other countries of the region. This is the first part of a report.
03/30/2015 SINGAPORE
The mixed legacy of Lee Kuan Yew, a leader who turned Singapore into a model for Asia
Hundreds of thousands of people paid tribute to the city-state’s historic founder, who died on 23 March at the age 91. Ruling with an iron fist, and isolating opponents, the once pro-union lawyer became a bane of his country’s organised labour movement. Under his rule, religious freedom was subordinate to the “common good,” and for China, he was a model.
03/30/2015 INDIA
For the bishop of Vasai, suicide among farmers is a deep wound for the Church
Mgr Machado led a rally of farmers and their families. "If the family is intact,” he said, “then we can be witness to progress in our communities, society and the nation.”
03/30/2015 CHINA - HONG KONG
Beijing "defends" the Hong Kong Basic Law but warns: It may fail
According to a senior Chinese official, the formula "one country, two systems" could be a mistake. For democracy in the former British colony "no need for Beijing to give additional guarantees." The Territory’s residents "have violated the rules, and this does not bring development but social division".

Altri articoli
03/30/2015 BANGLADESH
Death threats cleanse a Hindu village of its inhabitants by Sumon Corraya
Indonesian Church prays for a Filipino on death row but believed innocent by Mathias Hariyadi
03/30/2015 NEPAL
Nepal on alert for Indian terrorists travelling in Europe with fake passport by Christopher Sharma
03/30/2015 INDIA
The conversion of Rupali, a seed that will bear fruit at Easter by Rupali Belose
03/30/2015 ASIA
Australia and Denmark join Beijing’s "Super Bank", the US increasingly isolated
03/30/2015 VIETNAM
Kontum, communist authorities threaten to tear down 22 chapels. Appeal from Bishop by Paul N. Hung
03/30/2015 INDIA
Kashmir, Christian leader arrested for "fomenting sectarian clashes" by Nirmala Carvalho
03/29/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Holy Week, God’s way is humility, it is Jesus’ way, and “we will take this path”
03/28/2015 INDIA
Protestant leader demands protection during Holy Week from radical Hindu attacks by Nirmala Carvalho
03/28/2015 EGYPT – MIDDLE EAST
Arab military force to fight Shias and (perhaps) the Islamic state
03/28/2015 THAILAND
Amid conversions, charity and mission, Fr Pelosin tells more stories about the Thai Church by Adriano Pelosin
03/28/2015 VIETNAM
Vinh: government uses violence to drive out Catholics from their parish
03/28/2015 CHINA
Zhejiang: eight Sanjiang Church members convicted, then released, for trying to stop its destruction
03/27/2015 SOUTH KOREA – ASIA
As South Korea joins Asian "Super Bank", Washington wavers
Editor's choices
Time for a deal with Tehran, a reliable partner against the Islamic State group
by Bernardo Cervellera A framework agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue has to be inked by 31 March. US Republicans, Israel and Saudi Arabia are fiercely opposed to it for ulterior motives. Hassan Rouhani wants Iran to come back into the international fold. Tehran is playing a mediating role in the Middle East. For Vatican nuncio, “there is no evidence that Iran is preparing a nuclear bomb.”
BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera
Top 10
Patriarch of Baghdad addresses UN, calling for new laws against states or individuals who support terrorists
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
03/27/2015 LAOS - CHINA
Laos, workers march against a Chinese company that does not pay wages
03/27/2015 IRAQ
Mar Dinkha IV, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, has died
03/26/2015 PHILIPPINES
Muslim and Christian leaders against prejudices, for “still possible” peace in Mindanao
03/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope: people can be "doctors of the law" without faith, without hope, without joy
Saudis continue raids against Shiite rebels. A religious war, but also a question of power
by Paul Dakiki
03/27/2015 INDONESIA
East Java: three militants arrested on returning from Syria. They were "disappointed by the Islamic State"
03/30/2015 VIETNAM
Kontum, communist authorities threaten to tear down 22 chapels. Appeal from Bishop
by Paul N. Hung
03/26/2015 KYRGYZSTAN
Ulema "excommunicate" Islamic State group in Kyrgyzstan
03/26/2015 ISLAM
IS a violent response to the emptiness young Muslims feel in the West


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