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05/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Like the branches of the vine, we all depend on communion with the Risen Christ
At the Regina Caeli Francis reflects on the Gospel passage of the Last Supper, when Christ knows that death is drawing near: "to impress firmly in their minds a fundamental truth: even when He will no longer be physically present in the midst of them, they will still be able to remain united to Him in a new way, and so bear much fruit". The Life of Christ "may be ours."
Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Like a branch is part of a vine "Christians cannot distances themselves from communion with the Risen Christ. If, on the contrary, one should lose communion with Him, he would become sterile, or rather, harmful to the community." This was Pope Francis’ reflection this...

05/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: The missionary zeal of Fray Serra challenges us, his witness provokes us
Francis celebrates Mass marking a Day of Reflection on "Fray Junipero Serra, Apostle of California, witness of holiness," who will be canonized on 23 September. His work "has three characteristics: missionary zeal, Marian devotion and witness of holiness." "I wonder if today we are able to respond with the same generosity and the same courage to God's call."
Washington: religious freedom has worsened under Modi
US Commission on International Religious Freedom Report 2015 in the subcontinent: "Since the elections last year, attacks and verbal violence against religious minorities have increased. The government is not doing enough to stop them. " Delhi responds: "You do not understand the country."
05/02/2015 NEPAL
Religions united for earthquake victims: We are all brothers and sisters
by Christopher Sharma
After the appeal launched by the Apostolic Vicar, the charitable organizations of various denominations decide to unite - under the leadership of Caritas - for rescue operations. Protestant Bishop: “Our prayers are accompanied by aid, we need international support." Imam Kathmandu: "We are delighted to be guided by the Catholics in these operations."
05/02/2015 PHILIPPINES
With Rome Synod on their minds, Filipino Catholics discuss marriage and family
The event, scheduled for July, will include speakers such as Cardinal Tagle and the President of the Episcopal Conference. Civilly married couples, separated families, homosexuals and falling birth rates the central themes of the discussion. The goal is to formulate programs of spiritual enrichment for spouses.

05/02/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Korea, suicide leading cause of death for young people aged 9 to 24 years
Suicide tops list for first time ever. Academic competition, excessive stress and absence of parents push the young to take their own lives. Second place goes to traffic accidents and third place to cancer. Main causes of suicide include academic pressure and economic stress. In 2060 only 11% of the Koreans will be under 24 years of age.
05/01/2015 VIETNAM – VATICAN
Vietnam today, 40 years after the fall of Saigon
by Lee Nguyen
On 30 April 1975, North Vietnamese forces seized Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, thus ending the Vietnam War. Forty years later, the country has become a medium-size economic "tiger" in Asia and the world, a country with a capitalist economy behind a Communist facade, under a regime still bent on exerting tight social controls. There are some positive signs for the Church, but also acts of persecution, bans, and censorship, especially against bishops and priests. Yet, the country really needs the reconciliation Christians can bring to heal still present wounds and divisions.
05/01/2015 VATICAN
For the pope, the faces of hungry men and women should take centre stage at Expo
by Papa Francesco
Pope Francis today addressed via a televised link-up the opening ceremony of Expo Milano 2015 (1 May-31 October), the world fair centred on ‘Feeding the planet. Energy for Life’. For the Holy Father, this “Expo is a propitious opportunity to globalise solidarity. Let us not waste it; let us make the very most of it.” In his view, a change of mind-set is also needed to overcome the “paradox of abundance” and the culture of waste and castoffs. The pope’s full speech is reprinted below.
05/01/2015 CHINA
China’s one-child policy is state violence against women and children
by Reggie Littlejohn
Although occasionally “tweaked,” the infamous law has not been eliminated and is having disastrous demographic consequences: labor shortages, an aging population, a skewed sex ration between men and women, women trafficking and sexual slavery. However, the government is not going to repeal it because it helps it control the population. The Party “is maintaining its grip on power by shedding the blood of the innocent women and babies of China,” said Reggie Littlejohn in her testimony before the Congressional Executive Commission on China.
05/01/2015 IRAQ
Baghdad grants amnesty to deserters to fight the Islamic State group
Prime Minister Abadi offers an amnesty to defectors who return to their units within 30 days. The military collapse last June paved the way for the Islamic State group to seize parts of the country. The amnesty does not include those who committed crimes against state security, corruption and abuse of influence. Meanwhile, suicide attacks continue.
05/01/2015 SINGAPORE
For Singapore archbishop, from education to health case, Catholics have built the nation’s future
In pastoral letter, Mgr Goh cites Pope Francis who said that politics is a source of "charity" if it serves the "common good". In it, he stresses the Christian minority’s contributions at a time of transition for the city-state, which recently lost its founder. Catholics must bear witness to the faith and to Gospel values ​​in everyday life.
05/01/2015 NEPAL
Kathmandu: as relief fails to arrive, survivors resort to eating dead animals and reading the Bible
by Christopher Sharma
In many areas far from the capital, no relief has arrived in seven days. “I have three children and a pregnant wife,” said Ram Bhujel, a survivor. “They all started crying from hunger. So, we decided to eat the meat of a dead buffalo." Epidemics are a real danger. The government admits the lack of resources. “The Lord saved me,” said one survivor, a convert to Christianity. “I shall dedicate my life to God, [. . .] and raise awareness [. . .] about His grace.”
04/30/2015 INDIA
Hypocritical Hindu radicals honour one Dalit abroad
by Lenin Raghuvanshi
India’s prime minister preside the rededication of the London home of B R Ambdekar, architect of India’s secular and democratic constitution. AsiaNews spoke with Dalit rights activist Raghuvanshi who calls the government’s plan an “emotional ploy” at a time when Ambedkar statues are being destroyed across the country.
04/30/2015 VATICAN
For Pope Francis, the Christian identity is twofold: a history of sin and grace, and one of serving, not using others
Christians are “a man or a woman of history, someone who is not into him or herself only, but is part of a people, a people that is on a journey. One cannot imagine Christian selfishness; no, this won’t fly.
04/30/2015 VATICAN
Pope: spread the culture of justice and peace, even through the "service" of politics
Speaking to the Community of Christian Life (CVX) and the Students Missionary League Francis indicates three "lines": devotion to the common good, family ministry, mission is also welcoming the ‘distant’, twinning with Syrian and Lebanese "peoples tormented by terrible wars."

Altri articoli
04/30/2015 JAPAN
Doing more: the Church and the plight of migrant workers in Japan
04/30/2015 IRAQ – MIDDLE EAST
For Chaldean Patriarch, state secularism and religious freedom are the practical response to fundamentalist barbarism by Louis Raphael I Sako*
04/30/2015 VATICAN
Pope: the blood of Christians killed for their faith urges a new era of ecumenism
04/30/2015 EGYPT – ISLAM
Life for 69 Islamists who torched church in Kerdasa
Filipino Church praying and hoping for Mary Jane’s early release
Filipino and Indonesian Christians celebrate Mary Jane’s reprieve. UN slams Jakarta over executions
04/30/2015 NEPAL
Nepal, thousands of earthquake victims between life and death: Government inept and corrupt (VIDEO) by Christopher Sharma
04/30/2015 RUSSIA
Energy giants write to Putin: 'Made in Russia' does not work by Nina Achmatova
04/29/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
New Saudi power structure to boost fight against al Qaeda and Iran
04/29/2015 NEPAL
Nepal earthquake: apostolic vicar calls on everyone to help in this time of crisis by Christopher Sharma
04/29/2015 JAPAN
Bishop of Niigata: May the peace of Christians be the peace of Japan, lured by arms by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi
Filipino bishop calls Mary Jane an iconic figure for migrants, urges authorities to stop workers from leaving
04/29/2015 LEBANON – FRANCE
Meeting between Patriarch Rahi and Hollande for Middle East Christians and minorities by Fady Noun
04/29/2015 MYANMAR
Rakhine: hundreds of civilians flee fighting between Burmese and Arakan forces
Editor's choices
Nepal earthquake: Church and international community coming to the aid of survivorsThe Italian Bishops’ Conference has pledged € 3 million in emergency medical assistance. The South Korean Church has allocated funds for the displaced. India, Pakistan and China are already on the ground. A Chinese airline has hiked ticket fares to evacuate its nationals. Israel is selective in its help, airlifting 25 children of surrogate mothers and gay couples.
Pope prays for Nepal quake victims, hopes they receive "fraternal solidarity"A good shepherd is like Christ, someone who “is a guide, who participates in the life of His flock. He pursues no other interests, for He has no other ambition but to lead, nurture and protect his sheep. All of this comes at the highest price, that of the sacrifice of His own life.” When the pope met the crowd at the window of his study, two new priests stood by his side.
Top 10
04/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope prays for Nepal quake victims, hopes they receive "fraternal solidarity"
04/28/2015 INDIA
Hindu leader blames Nepal earthquake on eating beef
by Nirmala Carvalho
04/27/2015 NEPAL – ASIA
Nepal earthquake: Church and international community coming to the aid of survivors
04/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope warns priests "not to grow weary of being merciful,” asks them to forgive, not condemn in the confessional
04/28/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "do not be afraid" when the Spirit "says to take a step forward", to "change"
04/30/2015 IRAQ – MIDDLE EAST
For Chaldean Patriarch, state secularism and religious freedom are the practical response to fundamentalist barbarism
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
Pope discusses environment, migrants and humanitarian tragedies with UN secretary
04/30/2015 NEPAL
Nepal, thousands of earthquake victims between life and death: Government inept and corrupt (VIDEO)
by Christopher Sharma
For Maronite Patriarch, without Christians moderate Muslims will also disappear from the Middle East
by Fady Noun
04/28/2015 VATICAN – NEPAL
Pope's solidarity for Nepal’s quake victims


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