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10/13/2015 SYRIA
Joy for Fr Mourad, fear for the fate of 190 Christian prisoners held by the Islamic State
Syrian Christians are happy for the clergyman’s escape after five months in jihadi captivity but greatly concerned about the fate of their co-religionists, and possible reprisals against them. In spite of repeated death threats, Fr Mourad “never signed a statement to renounce Christianity.”
Damascus (AsiaNews) – For Syria’s Syriac Catholic community, this is a time of rejoicing because of Fr Jacques Mourad’s newfound freedom but also of anxiety, “great concern” and prayers for the fate of more than 190 Christian...

10/13/2015 VATICAN
Synod: for Fr Lombardi, the publication of the cardinals’ letter “constitutes a disruption”
Work continues. The ‘signatories’ “have been working intensively. The overall climate of the Assembly is without doubt positive.” For Card Müller, “the intention of those who wanted to see the letter published is to sow strife, and create tensions.”
Jerusalem, three dead and more than 20 wounded in third, “knife” intifada
Violence and tension are growing. At least 21 stabbings have occurred since 3 October. In East Jerusalem, two attackers wounded passengers on a bus before they were stopped by police. With teeangers and children now involved, the trail of blood is bound to get longer.
10/13/2015 THAILAND
Thai military establish new body to draft constitution
by Weena Kowitwanij
Meechai Ruchuphan is set to chair a 20-member Constitution Drafting Committee, which has six months to write the new charter. The new body should uphold certain principles. Meanwhile, a survey for Bangkok University indicates what Thais expect from it.
10/13/2015 IRAN
Tehran parliament approves nuclear deal
With 161 votes in favor, 59 against and 3 abstentions body ratifies the text signed with the "5 + 1". The debate is still very much alive: the Conservatives accuse President Rouhani of "selling out" the dignity of the country. US Congress still to vote on the removal of sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

10/13/2015 LAOS
Vientiane cancels ASEAN NGO meeting
Laos is slated to host next year’s ASEAN summit. Civil society organisations were set to meet on the sidelines to discuss land and minority rights as well as forced disappearances. However, mentioning issues “deemed sensitive” raises fears, NGO committee says.
10/13/2015 PAKISTAN
Paul Bhatti: in combating extremism and fighting for equal rights, Pakistan "is changing"
Former minister and leader of APMA judges confirmation of the Supreme Court of the conviction of the murderer of Salman Taseer as positive. It confirms the "will" to combat and eliminate terrorism. The battle must encompass the monitoring Koranic schools, higher education for minorities, economic and social development. Hopes for the release of Asia Bibi.
10/13/2015 INDIA
India’s Hindutva-centred fundamentalist slide is a "shame and dishonour" for the country
Members of the right-wing Shiv Sena party ink attacked Sudheendra Kulkarni. Police brutally beat three Pentecostal Christians in their custody after Hindu radicals accused them of forced conversions. For Sajan K George, "The missionaries were humiliated by the same people who were tasked to protect them."
10/13/2015 INDONESIA
Flores: Muslim mother blesses her son’s ordination as a Catholic priest
by Mathias Hariyadi
The Muslim family of Robertus B. Asiyanto joyfully participated in his ordination in Maumere. His mother laid her hands on the altar: "I'm really happy with my son’s choice". The island of Flores is one of the few predominantly Catholic areas of Indonesia.
10/13/2015 MYANMAR
Floods in Kayah State: 17 dead, dozens of families evacuated
Heavy rains triggered a landslide that hit dozens of houses in the villages of Mawchi Taung Paw and Lokhalo. The victims were 10 men and seven women, but the toll is still provisional. Food, shelter, clothing are becoming scarce. Mawchi was once an important mining center.
10/13/2015 CHINA
September imports drop to under 20.4%
Imports and exports drop for 11t h consecutive month. Fears for equity markets and Chinese markets. Analysts predict a massive government intervention to stem unemployment and declining purchasing power.
10/12/2015 VATICAN
Synod: accompanying families as Jesus did with the disciples in Emmaus
Today, the work groups discussed the second part of the Instrumentum laboris. Some proposed a day of prayer and adoration for marriage and the family. Others suggested a "catechumenate as part of marriage preparation with witnesses, and not only experts. Participants mentioned Asia Bibi and Coptic martyrs. Questions about the final report and a letter by 13 cardinals to the pope were mentioned at the briefing.
10/12/2015 IRAQ
Iraqi air strikes kill Islamic State officials but not al-Baghdadi
Rumours that the IS leader was killed have been met with denials. Eight senior IS leaders are thought however to have been killed. An IS-linked twitter account slams death reports as false. Another says that if dies, thousands like him would continue the war.
10/12/2015 RUSSIA - SYRIA
Not only raids, Russia strikes on diplomatic front to find a solution in Syria
by Nina Achmatova
Putin meets with leaders from Saudi Arabia and Emirates which has ensured that the Russian objective is "to create the conditions for finding a political compromise". Waiting for the meeting between Lavrov and UN envoy Staffan de Mistura. Experts urge the West to look to new openings with Moscow.
10/12/2015 NEPAL
Nepal elects Communist Sharma Oli as prime minister
by Christopher Sharma
He stood against outgoing Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. During his campaign, he pledged to lead the country’s reconstruction following its recent earthquake and resolve the diplomatic and economic crisis with India. India and China sent congratulations.

Altri articoli
10/12/2015 INDONESIA
Papua: release of Franciscans and Augustinians arrested during a peaceful protest by Mathias Hariyadi
10/12/2015 CHINA
Myanmar detains activist’s 16-year-old son on behalf of China
10/12/2015 INDIA
Mumbai: special blessing for pets reflects “Laudato sì” by Nirmala Carvalho
10/12/2015 INDONESIA
Central Java, surprise gay marriage not legal by Mathias Hariyadi
10/12/2015 TAIWAN
Taipei’s National Museum celebrates Jesuit artist Giuseppe Castiglione by Xin Yage
10/12/2015 SYRIA
Nuncio in Damascus: Fr. Mourad "was released," is "resting" and "in good health"
10/12/2015 TURKEY
Turkey sliding towards civil war by NAT da Polis
10/11/2015 VATICAN – TURKEY
Pope: Great sorrow over the "terrible massacre that occurred in Ankara, Turkey"
10/10/2015 VATICAN
Synod: the indissolubility of marriage, which "must be presented positively and not as a yoke"
10/10/2015 TAIWAN
2016 Presidential elections: Taiwan’s opposition leader in Japan to seek support
As attacks and deaths increase, in Gaza Hamas calls for a "third intifada" by Joshua Lapide
10/10/2015 NEPAL
Nepal on the brink of civil war as India’s embargo unleashes hatred against Modi by Christopher Sharma
10/10/2015 PHILIPPINES
For Filipino catechist, the mission in Asia is a task even at home
Transpacific Partnership: a mixed bag for Vietnam’s economy
Editor's choices
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.The opening Mass of the Synod on "The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world," Pope Francis speaks of the paradoxes of global society: "power" accompanied by loneliness and helplessness." Today's man "ridicules" the family and love, but thirsts for it. The Church bears witness to indissoluble love, but must not forget to care and sustain "the man who falls or who errs." "A Church with closed doors betrays itself and its mission, and instead of being a bridge it becomes a barrier."
Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the top ten of the world economyWorld Economic Forum on competitiveness ranking published. Top three unchanged since last year: Switzerland, Singapore and the United States. Japan sixth, followed by Hong Kong. The world economy is slowing down compared to the previous decade, only exception- addition to China - India, which gains 16 positions.
Top 10
10/07/2015 LEBANON-ISLAM
Muslim toddler cured by a miracle of St. Charbel (Video)
Rolando Del Torchio, a former PIME missionary, abducted in Dipolog City
10/11/2015 VATICAN – TURKEY
Pope: Great sorrow over the "terrible massacre that occurred in Ankara, Turkey"
10/09/2015 SYRIA
Syrian bishop: Ambiguous US policy favors Islamic state. Fears for kidnapped Christians
10/07/2015 EGYPT
Egypt is changing: burqa ban, Qur’anic exegesis, equal rights for Muslims and Christians
Saudi Arabia may lose finances and military prestige in Yemeni quagmire
by James Brandon - Nicholas A. Heras
10/09/2015 TUNISIA – ISLAM
Tunisian Christians and Muslims are excited by the Nobel Prize, a sign that “we are on the right path”
10/08/2015 VATICAN
Pope: God never abandons the just, while the wicked "in the Book of God's memory, have no name"
10/10/2015 VATICAN
Synod: the indissolubility of marriage, which "must be presented positively and not as a yoke"
10/09/2015 VATICAN
Synod: today’s families are subject to many negative forces, but they also offer many shining examples


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