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09/05/2015 INDIA
Siadih parish of Mundari tribal celebrates Patron Mother Teresa
by Nirmala Carvalho
Fr. Lino Fernandes speaks of the preparations for the solemn celebration for the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, who died in 1997. Today is the liturgical memorial of the Blessed. The religious is a "source of inspiration" and guidance in transforming the word "love" into action. Presiding over the Mass the Auxiliary of Ranchi, Mgr. Mascarenhas.
Mumbai (AsiaNews) - "The parish is made up of a majority of tribal Mundari, many of whom live in remote areas and below the poverty line. For these people the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a source of inspiration: She spurs us to grow in love of God through service to the needy, the...

09/05/2015 PHILIPPINES
Care for creation, Filipino Catholics promote organic farming
In response to the invitation of Pope Francis and the day that he instituted, in Davao farmers launch a method of natural cultivation free of pesticides. Healthy and environmentally friendly food production. A parish plants 100 trees against deforestation and for the prevention of natural disasters.
09/04/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta does not choose between Beijing and Tokyo, drops high-speed train project
Indonesia was expected to announce its choice for the 5-billion project. Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for the Economy said today that the government is going with a slower, less expensive train.
09/04/2015 INDIA
RSS nationalists like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
The ultranationalist paramilitary Hindu organisation is holding a conference this week, with in attendance many government ministers and officials, including Prime Minister Modi. For Dalit rights advocate Lenin Raghuvanshi, nationalists want to impose their ideology on the government’s agenda. The main points of discussion are economic, social and religious, as well as border disputes with Pakistan and Bangladesh, not to mention India’s growing Muslim population.
09/04/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
Card. Zen on Anyang episcopal ordination
by card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun
The bishop emeritus of Hong Kong analyzes what happened on August 4, during the ordination of Msgr. Joseph Zhang Yinlin. Card. Zen believes that there is too much “giving in” to regime’s demands

Most of the world’s almost 53 million refugees come from Asia and are sheltered in the Middle East
As a result of war (in Syria and Iraq), the Middle East is home to a third of the world’s 52.9 million refugees, especially in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. For UN High Commissioner for refugees, Europe should take at least 200,000 asylum seekers.
For Wei Jingsheng, Xi Jinping’s parade is a sign of weakness, not strength
A member of the Democracy Wall movement, the well-known dissident looks at Beijing’s massive parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the war with Japan. For him, Chinese leaders are like “Rats carrying guns [who] only dare to be brave at home.” Harmonic relations among different generations of leaders is a sign that the anti-corruption campaign is faltering. Only democracy and rule of law can save China.
09/04/2015 SYRIA
For Gregory III Laham, young people need peace, not refugee status, to have a future
Ending regional wars will prevent tragedies like that of little Aylan, Melkite Patriarch says. Peace and coexistence are needed, not refugee status. The Church reiterates is closeness to young Christians at home and abroad. Microcredit is provided to help families rebuild their life.
09/04/2015 INDONESIA
Strike in Jakarta, a "political move" not in the interests of the workers
by Mathias Hariyadi
Protesters demand fewer foreign workers and a 22 per cent wage hike in 2016. “People just want to work and bring money home,” source tells AsiaNews. Many see strikes as detrimental to workers. Government sources indicate “only” 30,000 jobs lost as a result of China’s crisis.
09/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: The peace of Christ and the disease of gossip, which is terrorism
During his homily in Santa Marta, Francis returns to speak of those who sow discord through gossip: "Christians are called to live like Jesus and bring peace, not division. We have to grow in this, we must convert, never a word spoken that divides, never, never a word that brings war, small wars, never gossip. "The exercise "biting ones’ tongue".
09/04/2015 CHINA
Pollution causes 1.6 million deaths per year in China
UC Berkeley researchers have used Google Maps (obscured in China) to create a live map of air pollution in the country. Between April and August 2014, 38% of Chinese lived in an environment harmful to health.
09/04/2015 MYANMAR
Church and Caritas on frontline of Myanmar’s ongoing flood crisis
by Lawrence Gam, JM
Destructive toll of monsoon rains causes more than one hundred victims and affects a million people. Worst hit are Chin and Rakhine areas. Crops lost, food supplies threatened. The Catholic volunteers provide food, water and basic necessities; more than 120 thousand temporary housing units built.
09/04/2015 MALAYSIA - CHINA
French investigators confirm that plane fragment is from flight MH370
After a month of investigation French experts confirm that the flaperon belongs to the aircraft that disappeared in March 2014. Ministers of Australia, Malaysia and China meet today in Canberra. Relatives of the victims are still waiting for the truth. Wife of a Chinese passenger: the discovery "is of little value."
09/03/2015 HONG KONG - ASIA
Liver transplant highlights organ donation
Hong Kong homemaker gave two-thirds of her liver to husband. Organ donation is rare in East Asia and in a recent case, the family of a dead patient refused to donate his organs. The Catholic Church has led the way in promoting the practice in South Korea where donations are rising thanks to the example of the late Cardinal Kim.
09/03/2015 INDIA
For Indian Jesuit, the Catholic Church stands with 150 million workers on strike against Modi
Fr Cedric Prakash explains why the country’s ten largest unions went on a general strike yesterday. Protesters oppose the privatisation of state-owned companies, exempting companies employing less than 40 workers from labour laws, and reducing the influence of labour unions.

Altri articoli
09/03/2015 MIDDLE EAST
Wars in the Middle East and North Africa have deprived 13 million children of the right to an education
09/03/2015 VATICAN - ISRAEL
Pope Francis meets Israeli President Reuven Rivlin: "cordial talks" by Joshua Lapide
Aylan’s death and that of the Middle East by Bernardo Cervellera
09/03/2015 CHINA
Beijing parade as a display of Xi Jinping’s power
09/03/2015 SRI LANKA
Tamils activist, released only months ago, back in prison despite innocence by Melani Manel Perera
09/03/2015 INDIA
Karnataka faces worst drought in 40 years. Catholic Church launches aid by Nirmala Carvalho
09/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Wonder of encountering Jesus opens hearts, calculations close them
09/03/2015 INDONESIA
West Java, Franciscan missionary translates "Laudato Sì" into Indonesian by Mathias Hariyadi
09/03/2015 YEMEN
Sanaa: Islamic State attacks Houthi mosques, 28 dead and dozens wounded
09/02/2015 INDIA
Thousands of Odisha pogrom survivors accuse the BJP of protecting religious terrorism
09/02/2015 VIETNAM
For Xuan Loc coadjutor, the future theological institute is a milestone in Vietnamese Church’s growth
09/02/2015 CHINA – HONG KONG
China and the Cross, a history of miracles that conquer demolitions
09/02/2015 CHINA
Xi Jinping’s military shows off muscles to hide economic troubles
09/02/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus and Christians pay homage to Catholic doctor Edric Baker by Sumon Corraya
Editor's choices
Aylan’s death and that of the Middle East
by Bernardo CervelleraThe death of a child from a sinking boat off the Turkish coast has moved the whole world, but lest we forget, thousands more have already died in Syria’s war. The refugee problem must be addressed but so do the causes that have led to this tragedy, namely Mideast wars, funding the Islamic State group, and proxies acting on behalf of regional and world powers.
Fr. Samir of Amadiya: The Pope is the voice of Iraqi refugees
by Bernardo CervelleraThe Chaldean priest met Pope Francis, asking him to keep the world’s focus on Christian refugees from Mosul and the Nineveh Plain. His diocese is home to 3500 Christian families and almost half a million Yazidis who fled Islamic State violence. ISIS is not all Islam and there are Muslims who want an Iraq of coexistence. Christians might not emigrate, but remain in their own land. Aid projects for refugees: school for children, work for adults, a home for every family. An appeal to AsiaNews.
Top 10
09/02/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Never again war, the plea of minorities and persecuted Christians
Bartholomew I and Catholics together on World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
09/02/2015 BANGLADESH
Muslims, Hindus and Christians pay homage to Catholic doctor Edric Baker
by Sumon Corraya
Aylan’s death and that of the Middle East
by Bernardo Cervellera
08/31/2015 INDIA
Card. Toppo: Learning to take care of the earth and its inhabitants from India’s tribals
by Nirmala Carvalho
09/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope stresses Jubilee, God’s tenderness for women who had an abortion, Lefebvrians, prisoners, the sick
08/30/2015 VATICAN
For pope, the blessed martyr Flavianus Michael Malke can bring “consolation” to persecuted Mideast Christians
09/04/2015 CHINA
Pollution causes 1.6 million deaths per year in China
08/29/2015 RUSSIA
The Cossacks of Saint Petersburg deny involvement in the removal of a bas-relief depicting Mephistopheles
by Nina Achmatova
08/31/2015 CHINA
As people continue to be treated as "cannon fodder," the Party tries to use the economy and nationalism to save itself


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