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11/25/2015 VATICAN - KENYA
Pope in Kenya: fear, mistrust and despair feed violence and terrorism
Speaking to the country’s political, economic and cultural leaders, Francis spoke of building democracy and protecting creation. “We have a responsibility to pass on the beauty of nature in its integrity to future generations,” and “invest in them” as well as “show genuine concern for the needs of the poor”.
Nairobi (AsiaNews) – Pope Francis addressed the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and other dignitaries during the welcome ceremony this afternoon at the State House in Nairobi. "Experience shows,” the pontiff said, “that violence, conflict and terrorism feed on fear, mistrust, and the despair born of...

11/25/2015 JAPAN
From tsunami to winemaking, Fukushima starts over
The Fukushima Ouse Winery began operations on 27 October some 70 kilometres from the area devastated by the 2011 tsunami. Local farmers will provide the grapes. For one farmer, it will “show people how Fukushima has recovered”.
11/25/2015 VATICAN – KENYA
Pope in Kenya: arrival in Nairobi on the first leg of his trip to Africa
Before leaving Rome, Francis met in Domus Santa Marta 11 women victims of trafficking. During the flight, the pope greeted each journalist travelling with him on his first trip to Africa.
11/25/2015 THAILAND
Between tradition and modernity, the Church’s mission among Thailand’s Paganyaw
by Weena Kowitwanij
The Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary play a leading role in pastoral care. Through their facilities, they provide a home where new relationships can develop. Moving to a large city can often be traumatic. To cope with it, the missionaries have developed targeted programmes, including rules that provide “discipline and security”.
11/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladeshi inter-faith forum leader attacked
Alok Sen is the secretary of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Parishad, a forum that brings together Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. He was attacked as he left home. The reasons for this remain unknown but some fear it might be in retaliation to the hanging of two opposition political leaders.

11/25/2015 INDIA
"Mother Teresa" award to the widow of Pastor Graham Staines
by Nirmala Carvalho
Mrs. Gladys Staines has worked for years in favor of lepers in Orissa. She transformed her home into a specialized hospital. She also founded a hostel and school for children. The Harmony Foundation, part of the legacy of Mother Teresa rewards "people who encourage the values of peace, tolerance and social justice."
11/25/2015 MYANMAR
More violence in Kachin: Burmese army kidnaps and tortures two civilians
by Francis Khoo Thwe
The two men arrested on suspicion of links with the Kia rebel militias. Left in the hands of the soldiers , who brutally mistreated them. Hospitals refused to treat them and now under intelligence surveillance. The victory of the Democrats to the polls is not enough to pacify the conflict zones in areas where minorities live.
11/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Karachi, masked men set Christian television station on fire
by Jibran Khan
Arson attack occurred at 2.30am local time. Gawahi TV was born three years ago from donations of Catholics and Protestants to "spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all faiths." The station was destroyed by the flames. The broadcaster had received threats but the authorities had denied any security measures.
11/25/2015 CHINA
Xinjiang government claims some Party members support Uyghur terrorists
Charge laid by Xu Hairong, regional anti-corruption chief, certain that some high ranking members "promote violent terrorist attacks" in the region with special status, to maintain economic benefits. "Some Party officials do not believe in Marxism but in ghosts." Over the last two months clashes have increased between Beijing and the Muslim minority. Police killed more than 40 "terrorists" in one week.
11/25/2015 NEPAL
54 foreign couples leave Nepal with surrogate children
by Christopher Sharma
Surrogacy was legalized in September 2014, but without an effective regulation. In September 2015, the Supreme Court banned the practice of renting wombs. Nepal had become a hub of "reproductive tourism", like India and Thailand. Immigration Department director: "Only parents who have already paid for their children, can return home."
11/25/2015 SYRIA
Islamic State frees 10 Assyrian Christian from Hassaké community
They belong to a group of over 200 faithful abducted last February in the northeast of Syria. Five women among the released hostages. Their release came after "lengthy negotiations" conducted by the Eastern Assyrian Church. An estimated 140 people still in the hands of the militia.
11/24/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lankan Christians organise food and clothing fair to help needy seniors
by Melani Manel Perera
The Ceylon Bible Society organised the charity event in Moratuwa. This is its 13th edition. Elderly former seamstresses provided hand-made clothing and cooks brought homemade food. For the Bible Society’s secretary general, seniors “are a huge resource for young people who can learn a lot from them”.
11/24/2015 VIETNAM
Church marks the anniversary of the 117 Vietnamese martyrs
by Paul N. Hung
Today is the anniversary of Saint Anrê (Andrew) Trần An Dũng Lạc and his 116 fellow martyrs, killed in the 19th century. Saint John Paul II canonised them in 1988. For Vicar in Ho Chi Minh City, they are an example to follow. “Through love, we can eliminate violence.” A group of Catholics visit the shrine built on the site where Saint Mátthêu (Matthew) Lê Văn Gẫm was beheaded in 1847 for carrying bishops and priests on his ship.
11/24/2015 CHINA
After making an appeal, journalist Gao Yu waits for tomorrow’s ruling in Beijing
Given a seven-year sentence in April for “illegally leaking state secrets,” she went before the Beijing Supreme People’s Court to present her appeal, which lasted an hour. A well-known dissident, she has a long history of health problems.
11/25/2015 PHILIPPINES
Palawan, thousands of young people attend day of prayer for peace in the South China Sea
The rally will be held on December 2 in the sports hall of Puerto Princesa. Msgr. Pedro Arigo stresses that "at least 6 thousand" high school and university students will join in praying the Rosary. During the day there will also be presentations on the ongoing tensions in the seas.

Altri articoli
11/24/2015 TURKEY - RUSSIA
For Moscow, Turkey’s downing of Russian plane "is a serious incident"
11/24/2015 ASIA-UN
UN report: the United States, China and India, the countries most affected by climate disasters
11/24/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta wants to reform the law on places of worship, fewer restrictions on building permits by Mathias Hariyadi
11/24/2015 RUSSIA
Moscow against Scientology because it is not a religion but a trademark
11/24/2015 TURKEY
"Together for the common home", Focolari meet with Patriarch Bartholomew
11/24/2015 THAILAND
Two suspects indicted for Bangkok bombing amid many doubts
11/24/2015 EGYPT
Sinai car bomb attack on hotels hosting electoral commission: three dead and 12 wounded
11/23/2015 CHINA
Beijing discovers 125 billion dollars in “grey capital”
11/23/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore: plant and three Ahmadi places of worship torched for "blasphemy" by Jibran Khan
11/23/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh: Fr. Piero is fine but political tension remains high
11/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: the Church is "faithful" when places its treasure in Jesus and not "securities” of this world
11/23/2015 JAPAN
For the bishop of Niigata, integral human development is key to stopping terrorism by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi
11/23/2015 VATICAN – AFRICA
In messages to Kenya, Uganda and Central Africa, pope says he is coming as a “messenger of peace"
11/23/2015 ITALY – VATICAN
Praying for the pope and the Church is the path to salvation by Piero Gheddo
Editor's choices
Paris Massacre highlights the failure of Muslim integration in Europe
by Catherine FieldThe attack in the heart of France highlights the crisis of Europe’s model of coexistence. Social unrest, poverty and marginalisation feed youth extremism and radicalisation. A New Zealander journalist, expert on expertise in religion and interfaith dialogue, talks about it after undertaking a journey through the French Muslim world.
For Nîmes imam, Islam should not be held hostage by extremists
by Hochine DrouicheFrench imams condemn the Paris terrorist attacks and disassociate themselves from violence committed in "the name of our religion." At the same time, they ask Muslim communities to dare leading a life of dialogue and friendship with Europeans, without fear or arrogance. For centuries, Muslims have ruled out reason from their religious life. The vice president of French imams bears witness.
Top 10
11/19/2015 INDIA
“I have been healed by the Eucharist,” says 81-year-old priest miracle at Eucharistic congress in Mumbai
by Nirmala Carvalho
11/18/2015 EGYPT - SYRIA
Patriarch Younan: IS cannot be defeated with air raids, the West has betrayed Christians
by Rafic Greiche
11/19/2015 RUSSIA – ISLAM
Not all Russian Muslims condemn Islamic State
by Nina Achmatova
11/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope: priests, chosen "among men", to serve them with a"loving gaze"
11/18/2015 BANGLADESH
PIME missionary targeted in Dinajpur gun attack
by Sumon Corraya
11/19/2015 BANGLADESH
As attacked Dinajpur PIME missionary remains in stable condition, his fellow priests now under police escort
11/20/2015 BANGLADESH
Dinajpur’s Christians and Muslims close to PIME missionary who escaped assassination attempt
11/20/2015 FRANCE – ISLAM
French imams slam terrorists for destroying Islam’s future and that of its children
by Consiglio degli imam di Francia
11/19/2015 ISLAM
For Muslim scholar, the fight against Islamic State jihadists calls for a new interpretation of Islam
by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im*
Manila, Tokyo and Taipei reinforce anti-Beijing axis in South China Sea


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