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"It is time to prepare young apostles and prophets for the mission of the Church"

| 06/06/2004
| Switizerland – Vatican

Spokesman of the Vatican Press Office: "cordial meeting"

| 04/06/2004
| vatican
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Proselytism is a trivial problem compared to necessity of evangelising the world. A Russian expert analyses the results obtained by the Orthodox-Catholic Group.

| 03/06/2004

The Custody of the Holy Land is grateful to Jewish and American personalities

| 03/06/2004

Conflicts must be resolved before a Papal visit can be planned
| 02/06/2004
| russia - vatican

Church movements are an important instrument for the New Evangelization

| 30/05/2004
| vatican

The cardinal is scheduled to discuss the issue of visas for religious and the emigration of Christians from the Holy Land.
| 24/05/2004

Pope's new book, "Get up, let's go!" released on his birthday
| 18/05/2004
| Vatican

| 17/05/2004
| china - vatican

Msgr. Parolin, undersecretary for Vatican Relations with States, spoke to Vatican Radio upon his delegation's return from Vietnam.
| 13/05/2004
| Vatican - Vietnam

Pope John Paul II reminded directors of Vatican-sponsored missions that it is by assisting the poor of the Third World, that they help citizens of the First World overcome their selfishness and emptiness.
| 11/05/2004
| Vatican


| 09/05/2004
| Vatican

The Vatican delegation, when visiting Montagnard region, was not able to meet faithful of the diocese.
| 03/05/2004

Among the priestly candidates was PIME missionary, Fr. Daniele Mazza.
| 02/05/2004
| Vatican

The pope greets the 10 new members states of the European Union, asks that Europe's unity be not based solely on politics and economics.
| 02/05/2004
| Vatican
by Bernardo Cervellera
An interview with Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialog
| 29/04/2004

"Eucharist and Mission", the theme for the Mission Sunday Message 2004
| 29/04/2004
| vatican - world mission sunday

| 29/04/2004
| VATICAN – World Missionary Day

John Paul II meets with new Filipino ambassador to the Holy See

| 19/04/2004

Pope John Paul II launches appeal for hostages in Iraq, expresses "sadness" for the situation in the Holy Land.
| 18/04/2004

The government feared an outpour of remembrance celebrations for Bishop Fan Xueyan, who died while undergoing harsh torture in 1992.   

| 16/04/2004

The Holy See hopes to take up negotiations again with Israel.  

| 15/04/2004
| Vatican - Israel
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