Key points of the UN Resolution 1546 (profile)

New York (AsiaNews) –  These are the key points of the UN resolution 1546 on Iraq:


  1. The resolution endorses a proposed timetable: an interim Iraqi government to assume sovereignty from the US-led occupation on June 30; a transitional government to take office after elections by January 31; a permanent government to take office by January 31, 2006, after the drafting of a constitution and elections.
  2. It says the new sovereign interim government is to refrain from taking long-term decisions.
  3. It calls for the United Nations, if security allows, to help organise elections, give advice on drafting a constitution, contribute to reconstruction, promote human rights and help plan a census.
  4. It authorises a US-led multinational force to take "all necessary measures" in accordance with letters annexed to the resolution from US Secretary of State Colin Powell and Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Alawi.
  5. The text includes a summary of the letters that says Iraq and the US command would co-ordinate policy issues "on sensitive offensive operations".
  6. The mandate of the foreign force expires once a permanent Iraqi government is in place, around January 2006. But Iraq can demand the Security Council end the mandate sooner.
  7. The resolution calls for a separate security force, under the US command, to guard United Nations staff.
  8. A fund for oil and gas revenues that is now controlled by the occupiers will be handed over to Iraq. An international advisory board, including an Iraqi representative, will stay on to audit accounts.
  9. The resolution extends protection of Iraqi oil and gas sales from lawsuits. But it requires Iraqi authorities to deposit proceeds in a special fund monitored by the advisory board.
  10. The resolution would lift an arms embargo but keep a ban on weapons of mass destruction.
  11. The resolution itself is silent on the future of prisons run by the United States.
  12. The resolution welcomes the Iraqi government's commitment to work towards a federal, democratic, pluralistic and unified state. Reuters



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