Supreme Court rejects the appeal of Bali terrorists.
The judges have confirmed the death sentence of Amrozi, Muhklas and Imam Samudra, the Islamic militants guilty of having killed 202 people in October 2002. The only option of the three remains the request for a presidential pardon, which they do not want to ask.

Bali (AsiaNews/Agencies) –The Indonesian Supreme Court has rejected the last appeal of two of the three terrorists guilt of the attacks which shock Bali in October 2002.  The appeal presented by the third terrorist involved in the attack had already been rejected a week ago.


In 2003 the district Court in Denpasar established the death penalty for Amrozi and Imam Samudra, involved in the attack on the famous island which cost the death of 202 people, mainly foreign tourists. Along with them, and condemned for the same crime is Muhklas.


The three – who are being held in Nusakambangan, prison in central Java – were judged according to anti terrorism laws introduced in to law following the 2002 bombs.  Up until that point new laws had no retrospective powers; lawyers defending the two men tried to appeal the sentence based on this issue.


Given the negative judgement by the Supreme Court the three men have only one remaining alternative, the request for a presidential pardon from the Indonesian president , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. On more than one occasion however the Indonesian Islamic militants have refused to even consider the idea.  In any case, their execution date has still not be set.