Pact signed between Musharraf and Bhutto
The deal signed overnight sets out the immediate cancellation of all legal “politically motivated” proceedings. The People’s party presidential candidate remains undecided. The question of the uniform has been discussed but not disclosed.

Islamabad (AsiaNews/Agencies) –The deal between President Musharraf and former premier Bhutto was signed overnight, after months of long distance negotiations and indirect stand-offs.  Both politicians have accepted a draft of a “National Reconciliation Ordinance”, which will be part of the “Transition to democracy” requested by Bhutto in exchange for supporting the general in his re-election race.


The text will be presented today to the council of ministers, who will approve it.  The document proposes the immediate cancellation of all “politically motivated” legal proceedings and those requested by “Islamabad of foreign nations”. It is evident that this clause regards the case of Bhutto, in exile in London since 1997, accused by the government of corruption and fraud.


The question over Musharraf renouncing military command before participating in the elections, was not agreed upon.  According to sources close to the ex premier, the two “reached an agreement on the issue, but for the moment prefer not to disclose it”.


With this decision, alliances have been clearly established ahead of the October 6th elections.  Farhatullah Babar, spokesperson for the Peoples Party led by Bhutto, has declared that their presidential candidate Makhdoom Amin, is now unsure weather to push ahead.  Either way no decision has yet been taken regarding his candidacy.  Other candidates have so far made no comments.