Lahore: extremists attack church, beat children
Armed with guns and steel rods, Islamic extremists attack the New Apostolic Church in Hadyara. A final attack is announced for the end of Ramadan, nearby mosque loudspeakers warn.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – A Muslim mob armed with guns and steel rods attacked the New Apostolic Church in Hadyara, on the outskirts of Lahore. They beat up worshippers, including a child, and damaged property.

After the incident the attackers through mosque loudspeakers called on Muslims from nearby villages to gather for a “final attack” after Ramadan. They also urged businesses and farmers not to allow Christians on their properties or do business with them.

Lahore police arrived only after the incident, but remained overnight to patrol the area around the church building.

According to local political leaders, Christians will be safe until the end of Ramadan. But local police could not confirm the information.

Elsewhere in the country near Peshawar Islamic extremists stormed six stores selling records and a barber shop for violating Muslim morality. One person was killed and two wounded as a result of the violence. The stores were destroyed.