Unrest in Guizhou as public security tries to buy the silence of the victim’s parents
Police wants to squash rape and violence charges since a son of a local provincial government is be involved. Police wants to cremate the body but her parents want an autopsy performed and are keeping the coffin under guard day and night. There are more arrests and tensions rises. The photos of riot of 28 June are on the internet and which AsiasNews readers con see as well.
Wengan (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Public security in Guizhou offered some 9,000 yuan (US$ 1,500) to the parents of a Wengan teenage girl whose death provoked unrest among thousands of residents and the arrests of hundreds. But in the afternon, Xinhua reported that the investigation would be reopened. ''The provincial government has sent 10 criminal investigators and forensic experts to reinvestigate the death,'' it said.

Li Shufen, 15, was found dead on a riverbank  22June. The police ruled her death a suicide but her parents and the population are convinced that the young woman was killed after being raped and subjected to other violence by three young men, one of whom is the son of a Guizhou government official.

A provincial Public Security Bureau named Zhou visited the girl’s parents with 9,000 yuan as compensation money, 3,000 paid by each suspect.

But  “We will never accept an evil deal like this,” Mr Li said. “We need to seek justice for our daughter.”

Mr Zhou ordered the parents to send their daughter's body to the mortuary in the nearby town of Duyun for cremation.

Shufen's body is being kept in a refrigerated coffin after being found ten days ago so that it can undergo a proper autopsy.

The parents said that there had already been two attempts to steal the body and so about 100 local residents are helping the parents guard the coffin.

"The 9,000 yuan offer is outrageous,” one of them said. "None of us would accept this. [. . .] How can murderers get away with this?"

According to police the girl committed suicide. One of the parents said a police officer threatened them, telling them: “Don't even try to file a lawsuit; there's no justice in this world.”

Police and media have reported that more than 300 people have been arrested; TV stations and newspapers are telling protesters to give themselves in.

In last  Saturday demonstration thousands of people attacked police stations and local government offices as well the local Communist Party headquarters.

Some 20 government vehicles were turned over and set on fire and about 20 police and 30 protesters were hurt during the incident.

Images of Saturday’s violent demonstration are on the internet with heated commentaries about China’s justice system and the leadership’s corruption.