The crisis of family is the crisis of the world, Anglican Archbishop Says

Seoul (AsiaNews/Ucan) - Various religious leaders in South Korea have welcomed participants to the Eighth Plenary Assembly of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC).

Representatives of the Anglican Church, National Council of Churches in Korea, Korean Orthodox Church and Won Buddhism joined government officials yesterday for a dinner reception at St. J. Hasang Education Center, Daejeon. The assembly, scheduled Aug. 17-23, has been organized around the theme "The Asian Family Toward A Culture of Life."

Anglican Archbishop Jung (Chung) Chul-bum of Seoul called it "very timely" for Church leaders to gather and discuss how to nourish families toward life. "The crisis of family is the crisis of the world," he asserted.  Too many families are broken or falling apart these days, and the whole world seems affected, the archbishop observed, adding that the result could be worse than any physical disaster. "Today's Church must take the task of building and supporting healthy families as the first priority in its mission and ministry," he said.