Yangon: leaflets and graffiti against military dictatorship
Generation Wave is launching a new campaign calling upon the people to fight for democracy in the country. The initiative mocks the government policy of replacing traditional fuel with compressed gas. The regime continues its repression of political dissidents.

Yangon (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Graffiti on the walls, posters and leaflets calling for a new government to lead the country. This is the latest initiative launched yesterday in the streets of Yangon by the dissident youth group Generation Wave.

The new campaign promoted by the activists of the underground youth movement is called Change New Government, a play on the initials CNG, for "compressed natural gas," placed on vehicles by the military junta as part of the effort to replace gasoline and diesel fuel. Risking the anger of the junta, the young people distributed leaflets in the most crowded spots of the former capital of Myanmar, and even drew graffiti on the walls of diplomatic residences.

Generation Wave spokesman Moe Thway says that the initials of the new fuel imposed by the dictatorship were chosen as a way "to make people think that they need a new government whenever they see the CNG sign."

Meanwhile, the ruling military regime continues its campaign of repression against dissidents. Grassroots activist Than Soe, who has repeatedly denounced the arbitrary confiscation of farmland around the village of Aung Lan, in the central region of the country, has gone into hiding in an undisclosed location. In recent days, he received threats from the police that he was about to be arrested for his political activities.

Finally, the junta has provided for the transfer of 13 political prisoners from the prison of Insein, in Yangon, to other prisons scattered around the country. The prisoners belong to the student movement Generation 88. The government provision is intended to prevent family members from visiting them, since some of them live more than 1,000 kilometers from the new prison.