Beijing supports Pyongyang nuclear tests to challenge the USA
by Wei Jingsheng
China supports Kim Jong-il’s regime with food, energy and industrial products. Beijing is using Pyongyang to force the United States to compromises that will guarantee the Chinese Communist Party survival. A keen analysis by one of the “Fathers of Democracy” currently exiled in the United States.

Washington (AsiaNews/WJSF) – Not too long ago, the world was shocked by North Korea's underground nuclear tests. The international community has since heightened its pressure, which however has only met with North Korea's growing confrontation with a plan for a third test and launch of missiles. 

North Korea not only shrugged off international criticisms, but also openly announced, in view of the UN's sanction measures, that any attempt to inspect North Korea's ships on the sea will be regarded as a declaration of war.

This type of behaviour of extreme madness is only possible for a little hooligan regime under the protection of his big brother hooligan. It’s who-cares gesture is a result of the support of that big brother. In doing so the little hooligan is not only pleasing the big one and helping it challenge their rivals but also benefiting without any risk.

This sort of hooliganism can be characterized as follows. First, the little hooligan needs the big one. Second, the big hooligan faces strong rivals that were hard to deal with. Third, the little hooligan firmly believes that the big one can protect him. Fourth, the big hooligan pretends that he has nothing to do with the little guy but in fact quietly indicates or directs everything thereof as a chip for future bargaining. And lastly, the little hooligan must have a big enough impact to force the rivals come to a bargain with the big hooligan if the rivals can't get rid of the nuisance.

These characteristics are well known to anyone who ever watched police-hooligan group movies without the need of dealing with real hooligans. But what's not well known is that big and little hooligan regimes act the same as individuals. There is only a difference in scale but not in essence.

Take the example of the North Korean crisis this time. For the first point above, the little Kim Jim-il needs the help of the big Hu Jintao. Kim gets his food, energy and industrial products from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), without which Kim won't be able to stay in power. The CCP, on the other hand, never would give Kim enough. A dog with too much food won't work hard. If a dog became wolf that would hunt by himself, the dog then would not follow orders well. The CCP is raising a good dog by giving enough to survive but only giving barely enough.

As to the second point, needless to say, the US, Europe and Japan are all strong rivals of the CCP, the head of this Mafia group.

Regarding the third point, however, all these strong rivals have been taking appeasing policies with the CCP for many years. The little hooligan knows this very well and knows that these tough rivals will not get tough with the CCP anytime soon. Although the UN has passed sanction measures, they had soon been stripped off the core content. 

In addition, the CCP's partners in the West raised their voices by saying that it would only be possible to resolve the North Korean issue with the CCP's help, setting a perfect trap for the West.

The trap is that Kim's threat this time is not a joke. Nuclear tests and long-range missiles are all done well. In the eyes of ordinary people, North Korea has nuclear strike capability already. Worse yet, such capability is in the hands of Kim, a near-death madman. Under the circumstances, the odds of real disaster are heightened. All these orchestrated acts are reasons why people can't get around the trap.

As a result, the US, who has long been appeasing toward the CCP, this time took a firm stance and thus formulated the UN sanction measures. 

But the CCP and Russia insisted to take out the core contents and matched it with a hands-off gesture that we the Chinese call "sitting there to watch the tigers fight".  That is to force the US to seek for negotiations from Beijing and Moscow, if the US does not want a war. 

Eventually, the US will have to back off politically and become increasingly weak. This is the true goal of China and Russia.

The CCP took a chance this time with a big risk because it has determined that Obama is only a talking-tough and talking-good guy who does not have the guts of President J. F. Kennedy in decision making. 

If the CCP wins this worthy gamble, it can force the US to help the CCP pass the crisis at the cost of compromising the US itself. In fact, the CCP has hit right on Obama's weakest spot, forcing him to make a choice between saving the US or the CCP with no middle ground. 

It is especially true after the CCP skillfully used Kim's nuclear weapon as a subtle means of threat and successfully eliminated any compromise for the US.


(Text published with the consent of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation)